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Pentagon probes Chinese intercept of US spy plane - The Hill

"Spy" plane near Chinese territory? I think pentagon should redefined the word spy. Are they referencing intelligence activity conducted by US military near the Chinese borders? This could not be a "spy" plane. But if this article says so, therefore it's the US military doing. And I wonder why they have a problem conducting it near the Chinese


Chinese jet performs 'unsafe' maneuver near US plane, Pentagon says - CNN

Question is whether the chinese plane made an unsafe maneuver near US plane or the other way around. After all, this incident occurs in the Shandong Peninsula. And as much as it is in the international waters, you can't assume that the US pilot is a better flyer than their


Angel Investment Network || Best Investment Network in UK.

The Angel Investment Network platform helps entrepreneurs with great business ideas find the funding and guidance they need to grow their businesses and succeed. The biggest problem a budding entrepreneur faces is finding the right source of investment for their business; it is often not simply a question of the money but also where the money


concrete batching plant,need one now?

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Hey,Hey,Hey,look there please

Actually this is my first time post on the foriegn forum,i am very happy and excited now,even though my post maybe cannot catch your eyes,but i really went to make some new friends and discuss problems with

plastic injection mould with good quality and best price

Shenzhen Accord Industry Limited covers a wide range of service including mold designing, manufacturing and injection molding. We are specialized in manufacturing various of plastic molds such as automotive mold, hot runner mold, unscrewing mold, high gloss mold, high precision mold, insert-over-molding mold, bi-injection 2-shot mold, washing

Betopper air pushing bags

Sharing 90% market of domestic and through our cooperation and experiment, our air pushing bag becomes better and better,
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Freedom Road Travel

The Freedom Road Way
There is nothing better than the exhilaration of leaving on a great trip to a place you love. Our mission at Freedom Road Travel is to help our customer find their ideal travel destinations, their own way. We encourage our customers to explore new travel options that they may not have tried before, supported by our


God Made The World, The Rest Is Made In China

China has a fake food problem. In recent years they have created fake eggs made from wax and gelatin, fake walnuts with cement inside, fake milk enhanced with melamine, buns and dimsums made from cardboard and the list goes on. These are genius inventions, but the problem is that they are actually selling them for consumption. The most recent


Profit Bitcoin Weekly Update 07/06/2015

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Bitcoin today forms half of my current day-to-day expenses and it is included in my future plans (I have half of my wedding fund in bitcoin). And I am expecting that in the coming weeks or so, I would be able to increase its significance in my daily life to about 75%, and
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