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Profit Bitcoin Weekly Update 07/06/2015

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Bitcoin today forms half of my current day-to-day expenses and it is included in my future plans (I have half of my wedding fund in bitcoin). And I am expecting that in the coming weeks or so, I would be able to increase its significance in my daily life to about 75%, and

China grew by 2000 acres in 18 months

China owns all of the South China Sea. Afterall, it will not be named after China if it is not the owner of it. The Chinese government will stop constructing more islands to ease the tension in the area, but will continue to create more buildings in the artificial islands it has already built.

This will cement China's claim in the territory


SharpVision Weekly Newsletter 06/16/2015

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The Associated Press explains, "Australian doctors told not to prescribe homeopathic items as 'they do nothing'." The attack on homeopathy thus continues in Australia. Royal Australian College of General Practitioners says pharmacists should not stock such products because

Putting a stop to modern day expansionism

Russia annexing and invading parts of Georgia and Ukraine, China claiming 90% of the South China Sea along with the island territories of other countries. These modern day expansionists are not playing by the rules and must be put to their right place.

I was in a discussion with a Russian friend this morning about the economic sanctions that

Cooperation business

Shanghai Better Industry., Ltd is a professional manufacture of a wide variety of extraction equipment, such as essential oil distillation machine, this machine can be extract essential oils from a lot of plants, such as rose, Lavender, orange peel, sandalwood, and so on.

We have a good news for you that May is our promotion month based on

betopper air pushing bag for marble and granite quarry

Description:air pushing bag is mainly applied in marble quarry.
It performs very well and is suitable for blocks splitting after wire saw cutting in quarry.
Actual pushing power could be calculated by block's length & Width & Height.
Material of bag air jack :Imported High strength net
Thickness of bag air jack :Around 6 ~ 10mm

How to make money from water

Do you have this feeling?It becomes more and more difficult to make money, some people say use water making money is really a good idea, why? How to use water make money? About this point, do you have any good ideas?
In my opinion , with the global warming, I think make the water to ice is one of the good ways to make money, in

White cardboard boxes

paper boxes, cardboard boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, jewelry cases, paper bags, shopping bags, kraft paper bags, gift bags, cosmetic bags, wine paper bags, packaging


Foldable paper boxes to save shipping cost

paper boxes, cardboard boxes, gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, jewelry cases, packaging boxes, paper bags, shopping bags, kraft paper bags, wine paper bags, cosmetic bags, gift bags.


2015 The 10th Shanghai Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Exhibition(11th-13th.September.2015,Shanghai,China)

2015 The 10th Shanghai Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Exhibition


Venue: Shanghai International Convention Center

Organizer: Shanghai Formote Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd

Space: 5000sq.m

Exhibitor Profile

Overseas Real Estate Developers and Agencies;

Land, Farm, Chateau

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