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  Iraq (location) Index

Pentagon IDs American killed in Iraq hostage rescue - CNN

So, are the US back in Iraq now? Since 9/11, there are more than 4000 US soldier died in Iraq, one more especially with the news all over it could be the catalyst of having US military operations back in the Northern Iraq. Under the cover of destroying ISIS, they could sell weapon to both the Kurds and ISIS so the weapon manufacturer make money


Dr Hilal Freah Ghthe Al Dulaimi Profile

I am seeking a position as lecturer or senior lecture in Chemical Engineering , in any Arabic Gulf Countries, Canada , or Europe.

I am graduated From UK, Sheffield University , From Mechanical and Process Department, in 1991. My Industrial and academic mixed job in last 23 years gave my very good experience in both teaching and scientific

U.S. State Department Urged to Promote Rice Exports to Iraq

Rice made in USA for Iraq??...seem a joke but in this crazy times all is possible. Maybe there is a hidden accord betweeen China, Vietnam, Malaysia and US for sell rise to Iraq very expensive and so make them badspend the cash that win with the oil?...will be that??, I don't know but seem me that is so. Obviusly the winnings of this transactions

jamie steward Profile

I my name is Jamie steward and am from the uk have just come out of the British army after 10 years and just passed my close protection couse and my fposi course and am looking to find work overseas in my time in army have been to Iraq Kosovo Afghanistan Belize and

Bitcoin Can Fund Terrorist Movements Worldwide

It would seem like a bad idea for terrorists to use bitcoin. Bitcoin seems easier to track than normal currency. Maybe the terrorists don't care. I guess their money has been tracked for years at this point. Anyone worried that terrorists use

4 dunam plot for sale besaide Karbala and Nazjaf

4 duanm, 10 000sq emty plot fro sale beside river and palm trees. It belong under city Al Haashim, Shia areal. 70km from Karbala or Nazjaf. About 120km from Baghdad.

Place is beautiful. I sell this ground only because Family crisis. Price is very low, only 400 000.-USD.

New owner can be ONLY IRAQI CITIZEN! Contact me by email or phone,


White House reportedly considers sending special forces troops to Iraq

Iraq should be trained by now to take care of their own country. There should be absolutely no reason why troops should be in that country. Troops have been in that country since 2001, and they should have been out of there at least 3 years ago. As long as we keep on babying the Iraq army, they will never learn or get their own foothold on their

Vacancy for English teacher - Native speaker

Next generation Education services is looking for English teacher - Native speaker for its New training center located in Erbil-Kurdistan .

Candidates who are interested in our vacancy are highly encouraged to send their CV's to us .

All the best

NGS EDU training center

NGS Education is a training center located in Erbil. We provide training and development for individuals and

Iraq turmoil brings surge in oil price

Not sure anyone is surprised by this news. I hope the message is on finding a way not to rely on oil, instead of another war. I think everyone is confused. Why are we getting involved in the same problem year after year? Am I
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Iraq (location) Index