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Myths and Reality about being a manager

If you arenít a manager, maybe you will hear about the following myths all the time and think they are right. Unfortunately, that includes some managers. The important of being an employer or a leader pretty much lies in your self-recognition, so be careful with these misconceptions and illusions in your career path.

Myth #1: Manager makes


What to do when youíre sick of your job?

"People continue to do the jobs they do not like because they do not know what to do to change it", an HR consultant said. They do not take the time to determine what makes them more interesting or suits to their ability.

If you feel hate your job, try the following:

1. Revalue yourself.

Ask yourself: Why I hate my current job? This is

Should you tell lie at work? When? How?

Nothing stings like truth. Maybe your company always sends you the message that for an employee, truth and honesty are everything. However, they are just telling lie.

While probity is entirely suitable for some situations, in others telling an unvarnished truth only harm your career indeed. You might think this is just nothing except sophism

Professional Renovation Service for House, Office and Commercial Units

1stop Renovation Malaysia provides professional service for your home and office renovation.

Our renovation proposal will be created based on your budget and requirements. We will advise you the right renovation jobs and the essentials base on your budget.

We know how important is to deliver on time. Whether you own a shop or commercial


Star Cruise Packages Malaysia

Get Your Next Cruise Vacation Hassle-Free!

If you want a hassle-free Cruise Vacation, you have found the right people!

Star Cruise Packages Malaysia is owned and run by Lovely Memory Enterprise (2141951-V)

Star Cruise Packages Malaysia is dedicated to design your Dream Cruise Vacation, Hotel Stay (both local and International) and


Expat dream home

This Large detached bungalow is located in a distinctive area very close to a wide selection of shops, restaurants, attractions and a prestigious English school. Secure spacious and very large garden ideal for those who like gardening and have children or pets, offering BBQ entertainment at night. Picturesque views of lush green mountains. You


MH370 report: Underwater locator beacon battery had expired


My name is Eddy Phang, I'm real estate

My name is Eddy Phang, I'm real estate

Malaysian business partner

I am looking for a malaysian partner to start a new or any other feild... retulhasan121

Expanding to Saudi Arabia

Hi I'm a Saudi citizen and i thought we could do business especially that if you have a saudi like me you could pay low taxes than entering the market there as a foreign organization. reply about products you provide and lets
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