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Looking for property throughout Ukraine

I'm in development phase of Ukrainian project for humanitarian and economic development. If you have land or real estate for sale please contact

Russia's economic misery deepens - Mar. 13, 2015

I've been doing interior design and I

I've been doing interior design and I like this

Russia's Education Watchdog 'Would Ban Wikipedia'

Seem me bad make because that show fear toward this very usefull web. A better path would be take the same Wikipedia and to go add it that is right iy that is true. For that Wikipedia is a open code, where all the people in the world can us participate for add know over any thing. The problem is that the human disease, the ignorance, the

Moscow Total plane crash snowplough driver 'got lost'

It's very sad that friends of our country sometimes die in such accidents. Maybe you hear that Russia is the worst country in air flight safety? So what do you think - how can we change this situation? Where is situated the main problem? Is it in our universities or in our approach to work? Also want to know foreign experience in such responsible


I want that Russian who live in other countries can read the blog. My blog about new cars, prototypes. I write reviews, specifications of new

Gregory Finkelson Profile

Dr. Gregory Finkelson has extensive executive and managerial experience in international business.

He is the President of American Corporate Services, Inc. ( &, a position he has held since 2001.

American Corporate Services, Inc. is an established consulting firm with headquarters in San Francisco,

Snowden receives three-year Russian residence permit

Snowden has received a three-year Russian residence permit. While some Americans are outraged because they consideer Snowden to be a traitor and a spy, others feel that this is fair and that Snowden should be viewed as a hero. Do you think Snowden should be extradited back to the United States? Or should he be left

Russia blocks agricultural imports from Western countries in response to sanctio

These sanctions are always a bad idea. It is like telling your neighbor to shut up. They are not going to respond in a reasonable way. They will be louder, and you will be worse off. I hope they stop these sanctions. Anyone else

Russia Will Comply With MH17 Probe Led By Dutch

I am a bit surprised that the Russian government is willing to comply with this probe. They have been very secretive as of late and even openly defiant within the international community. Maybe this is a sign that more cooperation can be expected on other fronts, as well. What do you
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