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Customized 2010 Shanghai Expo Private Tour Package& homestay Offering

Thursday, January 21, 2010 at 08:57

As the host of World Expo 2010 and the largest city in China, Shanghai is welcoming all the friends from all over the world. With Expo theme, "Better City, Better Life, " Shanghai hopes to build a powerful and lasting pilot example of sustainable and harmonious urban living.

To facilitate both your business tour and personal tour, let me and my team help you plan for your trips to China, we will offer you 6 star VIP service, efficient process and affordable price!

Customized Shanghai Essential Expo Tour Package

1 Sweet Guide & Professional Introduction of Shanghai Expo

2 Book your interested Pavilion (No need queue up) (For Group Tours) (40000 Visitors/ day limitation)

3 Buy Expo Tickets for you

4 Homestay & Serviced Apartment Offering for you (Important!)

5 Hotel & Airport Picking up Service

Personal Assistant Services

1 Interpretation: Business Meeting& Conference, Exhibition & Trade Fair

2 Sourcing &Factory/Supplier Auditing for you

3 Travel Guide around all China

4 Business Assistant: Business Development& Assistant & Market Research

5 DCar or Van Pickup and Rental

6. HK & Singapore Company & WOFE Registration consulting

For Expo Tickets Info please visit

For my info please visit my Website:

Mobile: 86-135 858 39270


Skype: matttshirley

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mike (157)

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Shanghai Expo VIP tickets, World Expo 2010 VIP Tour Guide, World's Fair VIP Pass

Friday, September 03, 2010 at 05:43

Shanghai Expo VIP tour guide, Expo 2010 Shanghai VIP tickets, World Expo VIP passes, World Expo VIP access, World's Fair VIP tour package, Shanghai Expo VIP Entry. (gjc)


If you want to visit Shanghai Expo with no queueing! You may try our Shanghai Expo VIP assistant service. We can make the arrangement for you to get into the most popular pavilions with no queueing.

Rates for VIP assistant service:

A. 800 RMB per day each person for group (Minimum two person. Like 3 person, the fee is 2400 per day in amount. )

B. 1000 RMB per day for single tourist.

Ticket to entre the gate of the expo site need to be paid by yourself. Client should pay food and gate ticket (100 RMB) for our assistant. Then no any other fee.

We guarantee you can entre two most popular pavilions. This is enough for one day's world expo visiting. No deposite required, you may pay cash before entre the expo site.

Our assistant can meet you at the lobby of your hotel and lead you to the expo site.

Booking: (0086) 150.0072.5075

Our assistants all are students from China top universities, can speak very fluent English.

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