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JetAirways Want Their Passengers to Melt Away

Monday, May 23, 2016 at 09:40

JetAirways Want Their Passengers to Melt Away

I recently booked a flight to Dubai from Hong Kong. And the cheapest flight I could find was that of JetAirways'. It cost about half the price of Emirates Airline's direct flight. The catch for the cheaper airfare is of course you have to fly first to the base airport of the airline, which is in Delhi, India. Lay overs are no problem for me. I enjoy visiting airports and if allowed (no need for visas) and if time permits, I even go out of the airport to explore a little of the country.

Once inside the plane, me and the other passengers already noticed the lack of air conditioning. It was an afternoon flight and outside it is scorching. But I let it pass, hoping they will turn it on soon. And they did. After about 10 minutes of being seated, they turned the fan on. You can feel the air, but it's not cold. But at least they turned it on. However, the problem is it is still very hot inside.

The plane started flying and the plane is still like a microwave oven. The other passengers were already complaining and one flight attendant said that it is the normal temperature most of their guests want. Indeed, when I asked the Indian passenger beside me, he said he sees nothing wrong with the temperature. Feeling hopeless, I just focused my attention on the movie I was watching. Good thing they have great selections in their entertainment system. The flight took about 5 hours and the temperature normalized mid flight, perhaps due to lowered outside temperature.

Once at the Delhi International Airport, most of the passengers who complained about the temperature inside the plane noticed the same thing at the airport. It is immediately noticeable in fact. It is very hot inside the airport as well. There are even doves and birds flying around and hopping on chairs near the Duty Free shops. It is when it dawned on most of us that Indians perhaps like their temperature warm.

It comes as no surprise then when the same thing happened for our connecting flight to Dubai. It is a very hot flight. You sweat just by sitting there. I probably lost more calories sitting there than sweating it out on the treadmill for an hour. To make matters worse, the plane this time is smaller, and there's no individual entertainment screen for you to spend around for the next 3 hours. What they have are TV screens above your head for every 5 rows. And of course, it is a Bollywood movie.

The saving grace for the flights is the food. Indians know how to make their food flavorful and I have always enjoyed Indian cuisines. But I will never fly JetAirways again.

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