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Human don't equal to humans.

To be honest, upon reading the title, I would say NO! Because humans, including kids, are much superior than animals. God created humans to be superior than any kinds of animals. But upon reading the whole post, well, it is for the welfare of the animals. Then it's fine if in that case. But humans will never equate to humans even just

Would you like to be like this in your country? Law equalized children and pets!

When mom and dad divorced ...
Dogs, cats and other animals that are treated as pets in Alaska by the new law are treated as equal members of the family.
Unfortunately, the rest of the world, including Serbia, animals in the event of divorce litigation law is treated as property, as if they were objects, furniture, not living


Flight attendant saves teenage girl from human trafficking after seeing secret note

Lucky for this girl that the stewardess recognizes the pattern of the trafficker and the victim. Imagine that there are many of these girls that being trafficked all over the world especially from the poor countries.

I can hardly wait that an Air Force One stewardess call in the FBI that they see a Slovenian girl being trafficked.

Obama attacks Trump over ban on Muslims

There is fired on the Mountain up for all the Muslim in the United state of America, has the present elected president has given all Muslim in the state a quick notice to vacate the country.

While the ex-president Barack Obama is not in support of his action, asking him to retrieve back his statement, because America belong to every body


In a first, Alaska divorce courts will now treat pets more like children

Now this is interesting. This is a heaven for attorney that practice in Alaska since this is a money maker. Yes, imagine that you can sue your partner for animal support in addition to child support.

Worse come to worst, the pets would be divided on their time between divorcee. And as much as children are closer to their pet compare to their


When we talked about Alaska, the first thing that came out of my mind is the cold weather. I think Valdez is the best place to live in. Because among the places in Alaska, Valdez is not too cold at


Anchorage Would Do

Anchorage is the best place to live in Alaska. It ain't only the the biggest place in Alaska in terms of human resources and I learn from my guy that Alaska also had 0% tax rate for anyone too. And it's also the largest city in Alaska, so I will highly recommend it to you because it HDD do many positive recurred

Hydroponic gardens could end Arctic food shortages

Actually not only in the Arctic or remote places up north. Lots of cities in Asia already have a hydroponic system as part of their urban farming system.

In fact, it's kinda embarrassing that the Alaskan has just tried to implement this type of farming where lots of developing country already done it since decades


Lawyer Accuses Justice Thomas of Groping Her at Party in 1999 - New York Times

This is really stupid! Almost 30 years after the incident, and now she came out from her closet?

C'mon! Back in 1991, Anita Hill already open the path for her and the rest of women that was suspected being groped by Justice Thomas. But no one come forward other than her.

This is spoiled issue already for a person who about to retire and


The cold and tax free

If you are after a job and would like to skip paying taxes, Anchorage is the place for you for sure. The sale tax is o%, unemployment rate of 5.5%, and a beautiful view on a mountain that is just behind the city.

It has a population of over 100,000 people and as much as I read upon it, its really friendly to newcomers. Also they have some

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