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Legal: Lawsuit filed against UC Berkeley for canceling Ann Coulter speech

What about the protest itself? Is that part of "freedom of expression" movement to protest the arrival of Ann Coulter to Berkeley?

On the other hand, Coulter can still speak since she was allowed. But the protest makes the College Republican scared and decide to cancel the events.

So, who's dumb and dumber

Immigration: Washington threatens funding cut to California, other 'sanctuary' areas

These idiots in Washington, have they ever thought the other way around? What if they do not give funding to the state or city, they just don't care about immigration issues.

So, people of California especially the law enforcement official, let the immigrant loose unless they commit a felony in the state or city. Fair trade isn't

Berkeley once stood for free speech; now it caves: Megan McArdle -

That's true. But the liberal knows that if those far right conservatives being loose on the street, then the impact could be even bigger for the society.

I admit that the liberal in term of other sectors besides politics are flourish in Berkeley. But the Trump effect that threatening liberal city as sanctuary city should make the liberal

Horrible pictures

Many Hollywood beauties have managed to ruin the uncontrolled use of cosmetic surgery. All we remember them as very beautiful woman who did not want to reconcile with the normal aging process and made himself into a monster whom no one no longer beautiful. We can now freely use such things to frighten children and adults. They are much more


Legal: Overbooked flight on Delta? You now could get nearly $10000 to give up your seat

"If you offer enough money, even the guy going to a funeral will sell his seat," said Ross Aimer, a retired United pilot.

That's exactly the point. In fact, United doesn't have that option. Delta pays over $1000 per person if they have to bump seat from overbooked flight.

This one is not funny. It's not the way

Life: David Dao's Lawyer Says His Client Is a 'Poster Child' for Airline Abuses

Of course he would be poster child forever. This incident will wake up all US airlines that they will do such thing in the US airspace. It's a proof of bad service on how the police official are acting like a Gestapo as long as they wear that uniform.

I bet you, the sales of most of US airlines down right now since they prefer to use

Business: United's CEO turns contrite as fallout spreads from passenger mistreatment

You know what's the worst outcome of this. The doctor that was taken down by the TSA was Chinese. Although he's an American, but the buzz down low already felt by United. All Chinese thinks that now, United is racially profiling passengers that they want to step down and the boycott already occurs in China.

Eat me

Lombard Street most bizarre street in the world

Lombard Street is, as many believe, the most bizarre street in the world. This is not so flattering title won because of its meandering. Street has eight rounded curves and curvatures were added because it was considered that the street, otherwise, be too steep for vehicles. Although it does not appear on the first ball of the curve here are


Legal: 21st Century Fox will investigate LA radio host's sexual harassment claim against Fox News anchor Bill

You know, when I work in a corporate America environment, camaraderie is always happen, but it doesn't mean that you should abuse your power just to get promoted.

But, there is something missing here. We all know that O'Reilly is a very powerful man since he's been on the air for so long. The question is how many of these women that has

I do not think about this

I have heard that marijuana can help a lot to the sick people, but personally I do not think anything about this. I do not know is this good or bad. I do not know very much about how does it

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