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Republicans Stonewalled Obama. Now the Ball Is in Their Court. - New York Times

Well, they have control in all places. Senate, House and the White House. Of course one stonewalled is the Supreme Court appointment where they have been dragging Obama nominee so they can do it themselves after Trump take office.

But, if they do not comprehensive plan, then all the efforts are worthless. Something that they have been doing


Police Eye Social Media in Spate of Post-Christmas Mall Disturbances - ABC News

First, I don't get why people want to organize a disturbance or fight in a food court at a mall. I can understand that the number of people that were there, but to craps inside the public place like that is somewhat worthless.

Second, this would give a law enforcement authority to create more and more reason to perform surveillance on the


Online internet Tax Hike Could Change Online Shopping

The government of Colorado have set up plans to check mate online tax loops that have been going on in Colorado, according to the officials, the new law will require online shopping stores like amazon to notify its customers and the state on how much they owe in


Colorado secretary of state slams rogue electors - Politico

Dude! What happen if the electors choose Clinton instead of Trump on December 19, 2016? There is nothing that Williams can do about it.

The electorate system is created by the slave owners to prevent them from gaining majority vote in the election. The reason is simple, they are outnumbered three to one back then.

Only amending the


Dollar strengthens as election seen swinging toward Clinton - Reuters

Actually, like it or not, the feds will raise interest after the election regardless who will win. In other words, the greenback will go strong again after they raise the rates. But the stock market isn't. It doomed to be failed along with commodities


Speeches: The Role of Diplomacy in Keeping Outer Space Safe, Secure, and Sustainable

The Role of Diplomacy in Keeping Outer Space Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Remarks Frank A. Rose Assistant Secretary , Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance 32nd Space Symposium Colorado Springs, CO April 14, 2016 As prepared Thank you for your kind introduction and the opportunity to speak to you today. It's a pleasure to be back


EZ Moving Labor Colorado (CO)

Moving is a stressful event for anyone. From organizing, packing, cleaning, changing your address and all the other preparations that are necessary, moving can be overwhelming. EZ Moving Labor can help take some of the pressure away and ease the process of relocating your life. We offer residential and commercial nationwide moving labor


Trailer Repair Denver

Ainsworth Trailer Repair, Inc. specializes in trailer repair & trailer services across Denver, Colorado. We also provide all kinds of trailer bearing services for a broad range of trailers. Call us today to book an


All Love Catering

We cater the State of Colorado for Weddings, Corporate Events and any Occasion worth

All Love Catering Profile

We cater the State of Colorado for Weddings, Corporate Events and any Occasion worth savoring.

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