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Congressional Democrats to file emoluments lawsuit against Trump

Aha ha ha! Any Americans who ever heard the name Trump should know that for the last 3 generations of Trump for over 100 years, the only thing that the family cares about is to fill their own pocket.

Dumbo doesn't care he win or loose the presidency as long as he can enrich himself and his family regardless what the people condition


Should Sessions Expect Senatorial Courtesy? Not This Time

Good for the Congress. I think this time, they should grill him even more than before. Back during his appointment, they let this idiot loose by confirming his nomination, but now, after his recusal, the firing of Comey and the unpopularity of his judicial decision so far, they should hang him in that room live on national


DC and Maryland to sue President Trump, alleging breach of constitutional oath

Maybe they will win or loose. Who knows! But this is a good start. As long as they can pass the first level of the court system, then move to appeals court then to SCOTUS, they can have this case dragged into the next presidential election, assuming that Dumbo doesn't try to dismiss


Comey Says Trump Pressured Him to 'Lift the Cloud' of Inquiry

I bet you that Comey would spill his beans on Thursday when he testifies before the Congress. Although the news might not directly related to Dumbo, but Comey and the bureau has been investigating Dumbo's cronies including Flynn, Sessions and the other.

He could revealed that Session were involved with the Russia. And since Session is his


Education: Senators Grill US Education Secretary on Proposal to Slash Budget

Forget about racial or affirmative action issues here. DeVoss plan is to reduce public schools funding so the balance shifted into the private schools for two reasons only.

First, only those who have money that can afford education in the US. Thus making the low to middle class getting dumber in each generations so they can be controlled by


Politics: 'Looking Like a Liar or a Fool': What It Means to Work for Trump

Well, when Dumbo has made his crazy mind, then you must be with him. I couldn't fathom what Spicer feels right now other than keep fooling around with the media about what inside Dumbo's head.

One thing for sure, he won't be long in his position since Dumbo normally quite fast when he fired

Politics: After a tumultuous start, Trump hopes for a smoother agenda on jobs and taxes

Forget about jobs. And about taxes? Heck, Dumbo can't even show his income tax return to the public up till now. And you still believe that he has a tax reform that can be approved by anyone in the US?

Heck, the tax reform is just for the rich while the hard working American is paying the burden of it due to inflation and also no jobs to be

Trump to NRA: 'You have a true friend in the White House'

Of course they do. The NRA was pouring lots of money to Trump during his campaign. As a result he wants to pay them back.

Make no mistake, now weapon can be traded freely in the US. Heck, gun doesn't kill people right! But people kill people in his

Politics: Working with Congress hasn't been as easy as Trump predicted

Of course it's not easy. You are dealing with a group of collective political minds that agree to protect their own interest. This is not include each and every one of them.

Trump and the rest of his cabinet are custom to do negotiation in face to face basis and not as a collective. Heck, even after 70 years in this planet, he still doesn't

Politics: Congress settles for stopgap to avoid government shutdown

Yeah, but the money is only enough for a week. Just to give more bang for the buck, they will debate another healthcare issue next week.

Judging from the way the congress works, I don't even think the new healthcare spending bill would pass either.

Why don't they just shutdown the government so we all can go home and enjoy our

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