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President Trump's Mar-a-Lago visits generate buzz, cost millions

Well, welcome to the United States of Corruption. Trump and his cronies will continuously use taxpayer money without limit while he's a POTUS. It's free isn't it for him, that is inside his head anyway.

Meanwhile he still collecting millions of dollars from his business with less interference.

In the meantime, the taxpayer must cover the

Legal: Prosecutor sues governor after he took death cases from her

Executive power seems to be above the judicial and legislative power in this issues. Most people think that this is a true violation of democracy where the head of the state turn into a full blown dictator to encroach justice system.

But, I don't think the governor has the right to cherry pick criminal cases otherwise, it would interfere

Economy: As Trump pursues 'America first,' China's Xi sees opening for primacy in Asia

"I do not want to be the president of the world," Trump said at an event hosted by building trade unions Tuesday.

That does it! Trump doesn't care about international affairs other than to destroy them. That statement alone shows that he only concern about America and his own well being. This selfish attitude is

USA: Why Trump's golf diplomacy won't work with China's Xi Jinping

Aha ha ha! Xi doesn't like or play golf. He thinks that golf is full or rich people that has been sucking money from the poor.

Xi is the toughest leader that Trump must faced. He's not a negotiable type and can't be bought with western cultures. After all, didn't he brought China to be bigger than

Florida could cut off food stamps to more than 200000

Well, it happens finally. With the increase of minimum wages, the Trump's supporting state will cut it based on their regulations.

Noted that seniors will be cut too. This is awful since lots of them are living based on social security checks alone.

Welcome to Florida where all the slugs end up at the tip of


Food: Food Stamp Recipients Increasingly Are The Working Poor

Of course the working poor. What else can go into that category. Heck in order to receive SNAP benefits you must be qualified based on your income level.

What the problem is that most of the recipient fake their income and worse, the program is being fraud by officials or even other recipients who trade the stamps for other than food such as

Immigration: Mexico increases consular protection for expats in US

a surge in expats with US-born children coming to the consulate to register their offspring as Mexican citizens.

Based on US law, anyone who were born in the US is automatically US citizen. But this time is difference. These immigrants are making sure that if something happen, they can get Mexican citizenship for

USA: Muhammad Ali's son detained under Trump immigration ban - Fox News

This is 100% bull cookies! Even his wife must show who she is after showing the picture of her and her greater than life husband. Worse, his son was detain for over 2 hours since they don't know who he is.

This Trump executive order has created a massive panic and paranoia all over the US. Heck, they even checked papers on domestic flight.


Bill would ban food-stamp purchase of junk food

No offense, but they should do this long time ago!

But, there is a loophole on this one. If they still using printed paper stamps, these people could sell it to other county or states that still allow junk food to be purchased.

Why these people never learn? Even third world country has even better system than this

Court Rules Doctors Can Ask Patients About Gun Ownership - Daily Caller

Woot? I don't get it! Why suddenly doctors need to know if their patients has a gun or not? For mental health patient, there is a thin line between asking and find out through the examination by the doctor. But, even that, it considers a patient and doctor confidential and can't be exposed on the

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