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Politics: Senate confirms Sonny Perdue as agriculture secretary

Another southerner or far right wing conservative fill Dumbo's cabinet.

The question is whether Perdue who owns a food processing company and a former cattle ranchers could survive Dumbo's 21% budget cut on USDA. Heck, he could also increase the price of American beefs and grains as far as I know, but it would make lots of people

Politics: These 3 People Show Why Anti-Trump Tide Runs Against The GOP In Georgia's Special Election

That was happen when you support the GOP for the past years and suddenly you feel being betrayed! And as much as you feel guilty about it, there is nothing that you can do until you support other candidates and then wait for another 2 years for the next election.

This is a perfect example on how American is kept electing idiot into the

Legal: Fired officers had previously arrested same man

In Georgia? You could be that this is a racial profiling, especially the person that they arrested has been nailed before by the same officers.

It's not unusual for a colored person to be stopped in the south. In fact, lots of racial profiling comes from the police department instead of corporation in the

Legal: 3 charged in 'maliciously set' Atlanta highway fire may have been smoking crack

Lesson to learn here: never smoke crack under the highway. In fact, the government should make the area under the bridge or highway free of homeless people.

I remember that it happen before in Jakarta, Indonesia back in the middle 2000's where hundreds of homeless people who live under the toll bridge create a havoc after fire engulfed their


USA: I-85 fire: Section of Atlanta highway collapses

I've seen this type of accident before. What the biggest problem was not where the fire come from, but why the city official gave a license to have building close to the highway and also the electrical line.

You see, the original plan of the Eisenhower interstate system is to clear about 100 feet on each side of the highway. Clear, I mean

Travel: Delta fined $90000 for inadequate food service during tarmac delays

This is really stupid! $90K only buy some sandwich and a glass of water to everyone on board. Delta should be fined even more for it and perhaps give everyone on the flight manifest a free ticket next time they fly again.

The US airliners are getting worse and worse every year. But we don't have a choice that many when it come for domestic


North and South

Patrick is in this series is definitely confirmed its value as a great actor. The series, which was made fantastic with many toppings feelings showed his magnificent talent. I really enjoyed watching it and I hardly waiting for the next episode because then have to wait for the TV series dull next week. But it was worth waiting for


Confederate flag supporters face terror charges after disrupting black child's ... - Washington Post

For crying out loud! People always find a reason to peck a senseless fight. It's a birthday for a children for earth sake. There is no need to crash it. Can these people leave them alone? They should be noted that "hate" is a crime in US.

As much as we shouldn't forget history where the confederate battles the union during US Civil War, but


EZ Moving Labor Georgia (GA)

Moving is a stressful event for anyone. From organizing, packing, cleaning, changing your address and all the other preparations that are necessary, moving can be overwhelming. EZ Moving Labor can help take some of the pressure away and ease the process of relocating your life. We offer residential and commercial nationwide moving labor


Rough And Tough Gym Bags For Women

A Handbag is typically made up of lather/cloth, used by women to carry their personal items. ExtremeRush has a variety of gym bags for women. This bag has more than enough space, so that you can carry all yours workout items. These bags tough enough and water proof. If you are going to any place, then you can carry

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