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Politics: Trump and his advisers can't keep quiet - and it's becoming a real problem

Well, if the problems among them, then let it be. But if it's the problem for the country, then let them open their mouth more often so the people will know how stupid they are.

The biggest problem is that when they open their mouth for some fake news. The problem is not lies on them but their followers who believes in them. This is a proof

Immigration: Hawaii plans to sue to block new Trump travel ban

It's just a plan and doesn't mean they will sue it in the court of law.

Trump and his cronies has work hard to not make the same mistake again. But, on the other hand, there would be a loophole that they can find. This is the problem with the law in the US. Every damn word is actually cost people their time and money.

But hey, isn't that

The volcano Kilauea Hawaii -SAD

This volcano is listed among the top active volcanoes known as Kilauea volcano. This volcano is distinctive for its expulsion prone to frequent avalanches, making it one of the most interesting volcanoes.

Featured stronger eruptions of this volcano was in 1959, caused enormous damage destroyed couple of surrounding cities and forced the



Honolulu is the capital and largest port Hawaii. Located on the island of Oahu, whose exotic name immediately evokes the hula skirt, beach bars, surfing, cocktails and coconuts. Busy Honolulu is a mixture of Asian and American city. This is best seen through the fantastic cuisine and diverse culture. Honolulu is home to the Royal Palace, which


How the US came to abstain on a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements - Washington Post

Because by doing this, Obama got nothing to loose. If the US veto it, then the US agree upon the Israeli settlements while others are not.

This would give Trump a hard time to get back into the game. But since the resolution was presented by Egypt. The US could wash their hand at later


Obama Says He Would Have Defeated Trump for a Third Term - New York Times

Nah. I don't think so. The reason that Hillary gets more popular vote because of her gender and also she can gather millennial to support her.

On Obama, even a gender issue already a problem and with the current economic slowdown, I don't think he could win


Pearl Harbor ceremony punctuates Obama effort to ease tensions Trump could inflame - Washington Post

What humpty trumpy wanted is very simple. Make sure that he can have a Trump tower in the middle of Ginza Tokyo and the relationship with the US could be mend. That's it!

He doesn't care about the other countries at this moment except the one with lots of money invested on his real estate. Even a terrorist country can be pardoned if he has


Hawaii hit with 2 feet of snow as weather warning issued

I remember that one time during Christmas break, I traveled to Hawaii for two weeks vacation. Men, that was one heck of break that I had. Surfing in Maui, strolling around the west Waikiki and helicopter ride to see the live lava of Mauna Kea was one breathtaking experience.

But now, winter is coming.... in Hawaii too! Snow in the Mauna Kea


Obama to create the largest protected place on the planet, off Hawaii - Washington Post

When I look at the map, it's basically from Kure Atoll near the Midway island to Nihoa near the state of Hawaiian.

So, what will this say about US foreign policy and world maritime law? Does the US automatically annex this area because they won the WW2 against the Japanese on this area or this is because this area is under US territories


Father and Grand Father of Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai

Shah Abdul Latif Bhattai's father was a sacred person but his great-grandfather "Shah Kareem" of "Bullari" was a very much more famous and admired personality. His sanctity was very absolute reserved to being a writer and let some devotees believe of him as a sacred man. Indeed he was the perfect writer in Sindhi before his ancestors came on


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