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School Cafeteria Worker Fired Over Hungry Student's Free Meal Is Offered Her ... - TIME


In the meantime, US give billion of dollars aid to rich oil country with no repercussion at all. This shows that capitalism at its best when giving a hungry children a meal considers a crime of state property where taxpayers paid the food already. One plate for a hungry children would not make the difference to the school supply plus


Waddell & Reed Inc

Waddell & Reed is a full-service financial services firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. Waddell & Reed's roots span back to 1937 and is one of the oldest financial services firms in the United States. Waddell & Reed offers a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners. Waddell & Reed

I dream of a vacation in Idaho because...

I dream of a vacation in Idaho because it is the most pastoral, fertile and beautiful state around. It is near the stunning Rocky Mountains, and the Cascades, but the people there also live quaint, charming lives and are super respectful and nice.


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Racing through Rapids

Have you ever hung on for dear life, as you were catapulted through some of the most dangerous whitewater rapids in the world?

If not, hop in your car and drive up to the Cascade River, home to world-famous class IV and class V whitewater rapids.

It's recommended that you travel with one of the many reputable rafting companies who provide

Starting a Freelance Business

If you want to do freelance work, there are a few things you need to consider. One what kind of work will you do, are you a writer, graphic designer or maybe an editor.

Two are you good at being a self starter, if you don't get the work done on time you won't get a good reputation and you won't get paid. Building a business as a freelancer can

Video: BYU-Idaho Graduation


Attending graduation of two of our children, Steffen and Mette and Mette's husband Brent in Rexburg, ID.. . . .

Now the real schooling behind.. the school of life! Enjoy and Good


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For 91 Days in Idaho eBook: Michael Powell, Juergen Horn

A collection of stories, photography and advice from three months spent in Idaho: one of America's most under-appreciated states. Mike and Jürgen are travelers who spend 91 days in various locations around the world, capturing the history, lifestyle and most interesting aspects of their temporary homes.

With the enthusiasm of newcomers,

Moon Idaho (Moon Handbooks) eBook: James P. Kelly

Seasoned food, wine, and travel writer James P. Kelly offers his unique perspective on this remarkable travel destination, from free Wednesday night concerts at The Grove in Boise to the bizarre rock outcroppings of the Magic Valley.

Kelly uses his local knowledge to craft original trip ideas, including Five Days of Fun in the Sawtooths,

Video: Trip to Twin Falls Idaho to BASE Jump the Perrine Bridge


Drove out to Twin Fall to go BASE Jumping for the first time with Dead Air Adventures. Had a great time and learned a lot.. .


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