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Cook County reversal: Soda tax won't apply to food stamp purchases after all

In that case, there would be more people buying coke and other soda with the food stamps! Don't you agree!

While other states like Pennsylvania already impose an extra beverage tax on junk food, Chicago even reverse the regulation and allow it. Heck, isn't that how big business won the sales, using federal money to keep continue to supply


Life: David Dao's Lawyer Says His Client Is a 'Poster Child' for Airline Abuses

Of course he would be poster child forever. This incident will wake up all US airlines that they will do such thing in the US airspace. It's a proof of bad service on how the police official are acting like a Gestapo as long as they wear that uniform.

I bet you, the sales of most of US airlines down right now since they prefer to use

Legal: 14-year-old charged in Facebook Live sex assault of teen girl

This is an heinous crime but also an interesting case. The question now is not when or where the crime is committed nor the actors behind it. The biggest question is how in the world they use social media like Facebook to broadcast a live rape throughout the world without anyone notice it until it's too late?

This could make the social media

Junk Food: McDonald's, late to mobile ordering, seeks to avoid pitfalls

I don't want to touch the junk food issue, but I will comment on the technology and the political issue here.

This is the reason why politician promise to provide jobs is nothing more than a thin air. When the low to middle class income people lose their job, they are being directed into labor intensive jobs like fast food restaurant. But

Trump says he will 'send in the Feds' if Chicago doesn't end 'carnage' - Reuters

He rebuke Obama very hard since Obama used to be a senator from Illinois.

As much as Chicago or even the state of Illinois might listen to Trump, there is no way they can manage the rising crime in the city without increasing the budget and the members of the law enforcement officials. But, that's another story, since the cost of that is too

A farewell, an introduction and two vastly different Americas - Washington Post

Middle Eastern developer Hussain Sajwani, who Trump claimed recently offered the president-elect "$2 billion to do a deal in Dubai."

This is why people are sucking in on Trump. And that settles it. He has lots of undisclosed assets worldwide that would interfere with his job as POTUS.

The fact that lots of

Man gets 22 years sentence for stealing TV remote

A man in the United states Illinois was sentenced to 22 years in imprisonment on Wednesday for allegedly stealing a universal television remote control from a west suburban apartment in 2015.

This is really funny to me, how can one be jailed for 22 years all because he stole a television remote control, this justice is bias to


4 held in attack broadcast on Facebook that included anti-Trump profanities - Chicago Tribune

This is the power of social media. But one thing remain questionable, can the video recording be used against the perpetrators in the court of law? What about the law of surveillance and violating privacy of the victim?

One thing that people need to understand is that when you upload something onto the internet, it belongs to the entire


Food stamps for Christmas: 2 million Illinoisans struggle to put food on their tables

This is the true face of America. Face it meatballs! You promised to much to get elected but you can't feed your own people!

Let this holiday season become a lesson for local government that even in our own neighborhood, there are still many people who can't even put food on the table due to government


Celebrate the Cubs Win More With Free Food

Anyone who live in the Chicago metro areas, could fill up your stomach for free. Lots of establishments offer free food in honor of the Cubs winning the World Series after 108 years drought. Of course, what else you can get after the long drought. Even some people already visit the cemetery putting a Cubs hats and shirts on their loves one


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