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Life: David Dao's Lawyer Says His Client Is a 'Poster Child' for Airline Abuses

Of course he would be poster child forever. This incident will wake up all US airlines that they will do such thing in the US airspace. It's a proof of bad service on how the police official are acting like a Gestapo as long as they wear that uniform.

I bet you, the sales of most of US airlines down right now since they prefer to use

Racism: It's plausible Trump incited violence, federal judge rules in OK'ing lawsuit

So it's "plausible"! What if the court find it and rule that Trump supporters were indeed incited violence during the protest against Trump in Kentucky?

The president, by any means, are immune to the violence law like this. But hate crime is something else. I wonder if the federal judge and then supreme court will sided with the

Politics: Trump sounds done with health care before he's really started

Of course he's done. He just leave that to the congress to talk about it and then let the congress become the bad guy if there is something wrong with it. Don't you learn about the old trick by a meatball like this.

Behind the screen, he just fooling around with golf and other things. Heck, to hell with the

Cool School

The University of Kentucky is a so-called base in the UK is one of the very well known and reputed universities in the country. This university is very active and very good for the students, the sport is particularly active in the field of basketball and football. Dedicated to the training of young students through quality education, provide

Sports: After 39 minutes of grit, Wichita State shrinks in crunch time in emotional loss to Kentucky

That was a heartbroken game. But WSU plays beautifully for the last 3 minutes of play.

Although they were no time outs left, they keep angry and fighting to the end.

IMHO,WSU shouldn't deserve to play Kentucky in the 2nd


University of Kentucky or UK is one of the prestigious university in the country. Academic speaking UK has proven itself from the the student who graduated and now successful in chosen field. With the sports, this university is active in cheering, basketball and football competition.

Cool School

The University of Kentucky is a pretty great school and also among the most popular Universities in the United States of America too. You are definitely gonna enjoy schooling there and moreover, they have all the necessary infrastructures to guarantee a sound education to the students and also they have numerous extra curricula activities too.

The real story behind that exaggerated Ford tweet from Donald Trump - Washington Post

I made a similar comment on other post. What Trump did is nothing than what Ford already did with the union workers. In fact, Trump comments created a stir among the auto workers in Kentucky.

Ford couldn't close the plant there since they have a contract till 2019



By all means, it is solid. However, I would suggest even fellow Americans to come and study in Europe. For example, cost of attendance is up to forty thousands dollars in University of Kentucky, but in most European universities it is less than one thousand dollars a

It was great

It was a great university I guess. Many people are there to study hard and try to be a successful in the careers so this university is so awesome and they have professor their that will teach you more about the particular subject. University of Kentucky is one of the university I want to study because of it's high standards of education.

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