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Photos: Tres Johnson Baby Boy Born With Two Faces Defies Medical Odds, Turns 13

When i saw this article, i was amazed how this boy could survive such, i can imagine the kind of humiliation he might have been going through because of his disability, i also commend his parents for been there for him, it shows that they are really good parents, this is one of the reasons why parents need to be very careful of what they eat


Missouri: Nearly a million people are food insecure

Do you believe this craps! There are about 6 millions people live in Missouri and 1 million of them are food insecure? That's about 17% of the entire population of the state.

What the heck the government has been doing? This is a Midwestern state that rich with agricultural industries. Worse, food tax in Missouri is even 0%, not like KS that

What Does Right-To-Work Really Mean? Labor Unions Disappointed As Missouri Becomes Latest State To Enact Law - International Bus

You have the right to work and do not involve with any union whatsoever. You can work whenever you want without a direct involvement with the union.

It's true that the right to work states seems to weaken the union in some sorts, but the bottom line is the human rights issues. No one should be denied his right to work to feed their family


Amsterdam the capital of Netherlands. This is a great and liberated city. As they say here you should be open minded with what there culture is in there. I know you can learn a lot there not only their culture but also their history.

Go wherever your instincts lead you

Don't avoid those streets where shop windows show women dancing in or without underwear, don't even run away from one of those way too liberal heavily accented old men who will wanna show you Venus and especially don't hesitate visiting a coffee shop, having a bowl of whatever smells the worst and then going to the nearest gallery. Great

Amsterdam Right

I can tell this, I don't know much about Amsterdam, but I know you know much about your small town that you was born and raised.

Just take what you've learnt from your small town into this big town called Amsterdam and you will alright, just go there be your self and keep your head low while you learn more about the city and the university


Amsterdam is on my bucket list as one of the countries I must visit in my life time. I am sure you will have a great experience there. All I would advice you to do is to make the most of the trip. Have fun and be

It Is Gonna Be Fun

The prospect of going to a foreign country, whether for business, pleasure or education, should always fill you with excitement and positive anticipation of what life abroad is gonna be. I must tell you, don't put pleasure ahead of the main reason you are going there. Study hard to make your folks proud of you, but also have fun too and don't


Get ready to be surprised. Amsterdam has advanced freedom, nothing like in "Merica". Only advice I could give you, is to have open heart and open mind to everything you will encounter. And feel free to be you, and you will be amazed. Good


Oh Amsterdam, what a lovely city.
When in Amsterdam, you need to know few things. Though it is not legal by the law to sell nor use drugs, in first place marijuana, it is OK by the locals to use it. Secondly, prostitution is one of big things there, just check out the Red Light District and you will see what I'm talking about.

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