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Meet Samson: New York's fattest cat who weighs a whopping 28 pounds

This cat is heavier than a baby. 4 feet? Wow! Stunning cat. I don't have a cat but there are stray cats around. As much as I want to adopt but I have asthma. Will @Catman wants to have this cat?

Legal: New York officials blast Sessions for calling city 'soft on crime'

Another remark by the so called "Attorney General"! Didn't he fire Preet Bharara, one of the best US attorney that prosecuted lots of high ranking officials?

Sessions thinks that every state in the US is deep southern states like his hometown Alabama who can't admit that the Civil War was over in

Broadcastin: Bill O'Reilly's Ouster Will Test Loyalties of Fox Viewers

First is Ailes, now is O'Reilly. As much as they generate billion of dollars in term of revenue to the network, they are also caused he network to forfeit millions of dollars in legal issues.

The question is whether Fox could find another far-right wing conservatives that can steam up their followers similar to those two meatballs.


US drops the largest non+nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

This is just coming in now. I think Trump has realized that dropping bombs makes him popular nd he has wasted no time in adding to his popularity. The strike was aimed at IRISH tunnel and cave complex. The bomb known as MOAB is th e largest non-nuclear bomb that America possesses.

Legal: Appeals court judge found dead near Hudson River

What's the odds that she was murdered?

She's the first African American to be held this position and she's also the first Moslem to have this highest ranking position in the states. I bet you that the police will start looking at the far right extremist who target the

Politics: Trump's Directive Will Lift Hiring Freeze, as It Asks Agencies for Cuts

Okay, and now the feds can hire again including the Department of Defense and the CBP or ICE. But the WH cut the budget on several agencies, thus making it sure that their employees are being axed.

Isn't this kinda a stupid? First he said that he wants to drain the swamp. But increase the spending on unnecessary item will add more garbage to

Education: New York set to become first state to offer free tuition at public four-year colleges

Okay! I guess they finally do it. This has been the dream of many younger people to be able to go to colleges to get education.

It's kinda interesting that this started in New York and not in a more liberal states like California or Hawaii.

So, when other states will

Food: Spaghetti donuts are the latest food trend

More junk food. Seriously, donuts is fried and not baked. So this one is already way skewed from the real thing.

Anyway, do you think that mixing spaghetti and bacon for quick breakfast is healthy? I bet you, the amount of oil they use is enormous to prevent the noodle to dry. Secondly, I don't think they use olive oil, but instead they use

Food: Almost All New Yorkers Think Poor Families Struggle To Get Healthy Food, New Poll Says

Of course they are struggling, but do you think the government care about it. And now with the new regulations to tighten up the SNAP and also federal aid, it would even be harder for them to get the food they need

On the other hand, even if they can get food, they tend to get junk food since these corporations are in bed with the social

Immigration: Changes to Tech Worker Visas Are Cosmetic. For Now.

What a nuts! The H-1 visa is used for college tech graduate so they can contribute to the economy of the country. But it doesn't mean that the US citizen in the same degree can contribute the same thing like immigrant does.

Heck, you could graduate from the same school and got the same grade with locals, but it's not necessarily locals are

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