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Legal: Ex-Penn State president guilty of child endangerment in Sandusky scandal

I remember this case. One of the whistleblower was one of my acquaintance back in the 90's.

The fact that Paterno was so powerful at Penn state shows that when the whistleblower get fired, everything being closed and it seems nothing happen. But the person went to the FBI and reported everything to the point that it took the school name down

Groundhog Day

Every 2nd of February a large number of people visit Goblers Nob in Punxsutawney (Pennsylvania) to the groundhog exiting out of the lair.
If he sees his shadow, winter will last another six weeks. However, if it is not to be spotted, spring is


In One of the Nation's Unhealthiest Places, This Hospital Prescribes Fresh Food From Its Own Farm

This might be a good idea and could be implemented at other places too.

The statistics shows that Philadelphia is the most overweight city in the US. But it doesn't mean that they can't control what people eats. But if they can manage to grow their own food, then it's better since they can educate people about the important of urban farming


He was minutes from retirement. But first, he blasted his bosses in a company-wide email.

I wonder why a low level management were given an authority to "reply all" to everyone in the company?

One thing for sure, he did what he could for the past 35 year but there are no change. We all know that the turnpike was created to generate money to the state, but who knows where's the money goes



I choose silver as my favorite color in cars. Why? Because silver looks elegant. Then the color silver is less maintenance. Because in that color you can't see the dirt. So even if you can't clean or wipe the car, dirt can not be easily recognized. Unlike if your car is in dark colors, it can see the dirt

Silver Color

Well, different variants of cars got different colors that fits them best. And personally, I think a silver-colored car is definitely gonna give you the vibes of beauty that you would definitely love. It's sparkling and just so visually appealing to the eyes. You would definitely love it.


Cars with white color always look charming and fine. Although is very difficult to maintain most especially when you have kids or you are leaving in a hood were children are much. I wish to have cars with white color in the future.


Cars on Flaming red Colors looks brand new to me, and hot. It seems like you're calling everyone's attention towards you when you pass by. It's a lively color and very noticeable. I couldn't help but look around every time I see a red car pass by.

Coffee cream look

Not too much of a fan of cars, but a new car with a coffee creamy color gets my attention, i love that, its actually a rare color type and it gives it this shine and glow. Ash is another color i love on cars, specific cars though

Metallic Grey

I love cars, I love my car in metallic gray, it's just fabulous walking to my car with a smile on my face. And the other note Black cars gets my attention too, though Metallic gray is number one, but I could use a black color car.

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