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Jobs: Food company dependent on immigrant labor is 'concerned' about political rhetoric

That exactly the point. Even if they can automated a certain mundane work, it's still far away from full automation. The fact that it will crate havoc especially for small and micro business owner throughout the US shows that Trump doesn't care about it.

What he cares about is how his cronies will make more money in the long

Buy a town: Swett South Dakota for sale

Personally, I am waiting for someone to move in and buy Detroit. I hear you can get it at a real bargain right now. Not sure how I would feel if I lived in a town where one person could buy it and then make all the rules they wanted. It could get oppressive in a hurry, am I

The best reason to visit South Dakota is...

The best reason to visit South Dakota is to visit Mt. Rushmore and the great plains, or the lush forests on the Western half o the state. South Dakota was an important state in US history, so there is also a lot of culture in the area.

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A Place for Everyone (Spearfish, SD Book 2): Anne Brown

In the first novel of the Spearfish, SD series, ?Release the Ashes?, Grace and Chase had to suddenly leave Spearfish, SD after developing ties to the ranch and the man who owns it. The Double Loop had become a place that they had both felt was becoming their own. Shane Meed had to let them go, as much as he wanted them to stay, he knew

Mammals of Northwestern South Dakota eBook: Kenneth W. Andersen

Mammals of Northwestern South Dakota eBook: Kenneth W.

South Dakota: Picture Book (Educational Children's Books Collection) - Level 2 (

South Dakota: Picture Book (Educational Children's Books Collection) - Level 2 (Planet Collection): Planet

Insiders' Guide to South Dakota's Black Hills & Badlands, 6th (Insiders' Guide

Insiders' Guide to South Dakota's Black Hills is indespenisble for any visitors to this historic old landscape. This guide points to the best places in the area for lodging, dining, shopping, recreation and relocation. Written by a local (and true insider), it offers a personal and practical perspective of South Dakota's Black Hills
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