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Virginia man charged with espionage for allegedly delivering top-secret documents to China

This is weird. Why suddenly FBI nailed him now if he was suspected to leak the information to the Chinese before? If someone already has their security clearance revoked since 2012, that means he has another accomplices inside the government that feed him such information. Isn't that true?


US man pays tax bill using five wheelbarrows of coins

Good for him! The government always wants to give a red tape to the honest working taxpayer.

According to his website at //l[2], the man is self employed and hardly sleep and moreover, he doesn't trust bank. So he bought everything with cash even the new Corvette for his son.

He just want to know where to pay his taxes since he has

US election 2016: FBI investigates 'possible' pre-election attack - BBC News

It ain't matter. I think they should secure the network long time ago and do not create more and more FUD closer to D-Day.

Besides, the election is local and being uploaded once the final count is tabulated. So, why in the world they are worrying about this crapola issue anyway! Paranoid is the best way to steer public into


Supreme Court Will Hear Case On Bathroom Rules For Transgender Students - NPR

Duh! When the government must decide which bathroom that you can use "when nature calls!" then you know that you have a problem in the country.

What the heck is wrong with people these days? Can we get along like what it used to be? This guy is already a boy and no longer female, so let her use men's room instead of other crappy sign on the


John Hinckley Freed From Mental Hospital 35 Years After Reagan Assassination Attempt -

So, they finally let him go for good from the mental institution. The question is how the neighbor will accept him considering that he will be living with his 90 years old mother?

I still remember that day and the subsequent events after that. Of course the cold war was still running and the people still traumatize even years after the end

Through dance, program turns 'I can't' into 'I can'

In the spring of 2013, Kirin Sinha '14 started SHINE for Girls with the objective to improve math skills and confidence of local middle school girls. Now, with additional locations in California, Florida, Virginia, and Washington, the original Boston branch is run by MIT student mentors and includes learning through small group study sessions


EZ Moving Labor Virginia (VA)

Moving is a stressful event for anyone. From organizing, packing, cleaning, changing your address and all the other preparations that are necessary, moving can be overwhelming. EZ Moving Labor can help take some of the pressure away and ease the process of relocating your life. We offer residential and commercial nationwide moving labor


Top attractions in Charlottesville?

Charlotesville is a conserving community, but is a community very vital that had knew hoe manteinance tradition next to modernity. Because don't is crazy think in that top attractions arrive to this great community. Would be other big excuse for meeting again with friends, family, friends of end, other place with many add value for

Kearney & Sons

Kearney & Sons 1641 W Pembroke Ave Hampton, VA 23661, United States 757-269-9589 http://[deleted].com At Weather Makers and Kearney & Sons we are proud to offer Hampton Roads with peace of mind and expert service. If you are in the market for a new system, repairs, or routine maintenance, you have chosen the only hometown company to meet your

Kamyar Mehdiyoun Profile

Tax lawyer and IRS problem resolution attorney, Kamyar Mehdiyoun, is dedicated to providing high quality legal advice at an affordable cost. Since his graduation from Georgetown University Law Center with a Master of Laws degree in Taxation, he has helped individuals and small businesses in tax controversy matters such as tax audits, tax debt
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