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'I Dreamed of Africa' Author And Conservationist, Shot In Kenya

Similar to Diane Fossey in Uganda when she was trying to protect the Gorillas. She was shot to death by poachers.

The question now if the cattle rancher is out of greener pastures for their herds, why don't the government try to allocate a certain region that can be designated for them. It happen in South America and Asia, but in Africa, the

Business: World's Largest Trade Fair Attracts Several Africans Entrepreneurs to China

There you go! The Canton fair is the world biggest trade market in the world. Interestingly, this is where most of the manufacturing industries are met every year to introduce their new product.

Billions even Trillions of dollars are dealt here throughout the fair. Which makes you wonder why they don't do it in the US or EU, but in China.

The first contact in Namibia

Look this startled the children's faces in Namibia when they saw the tablet! Imagine their surprise when they see moving images on something. These are the children of a tribe in Namibia and thank the photographer who shared this image with the rest of the world. This should show our children when they are not happy with the new phone or


Famine victims

Although the world produces enough food to not starve either one of its 7 billion people, nearly a billion people go hungry today. World agriculture produces 17 calories more per citizen than necessary. This is a sufficient amount of food that nobody in the world are starving and dying of hunger. By some estimates, 13% of the world population


Africa as the face of the world

This wonderful continent is in fact the face of our world with all its contrasts. Although we do not live in Africa, I believe I know enough about him as even and conscience of our planet. Because while there are starving children and dying every day, we are here to enrich the variety of ways and never one remembers except when it posts the


Our Nation And Our Pride

Nigeria is a country that is blessed with different types of Minerals resources by God Almighty.
Why then is the country citizenship still living in poverty, want and lack.
Since Nigeria is the giant of African, why is the country economy and political career still having difficult time


Food: Senators want more efficient way to get food aid to Africa

The issue is not only food. Sending food in the middle of war zone is just a waste of resources since it would be taken by the rebel and government official who will sell it again in the black market.

What about send them U-Haul truck? The reason is that the war is occurring in the middle of desert and in the next million years, sand is

Nigeria Politics & Power

Nigeria is one of the biggest and strongest country in west Africa with different political parties and different shifting of political powers.
The strongest political party of Nigeria was then PDP and later APC took away power from them from the last election that was conducted in


Nigerian Culture & Tradition

Nigeria is one of the west Africa country in Africa that has a population of 180 million and different ethic groups with different languages that is being spoken.
Nigeria is very rich with natural mineral resources of Oil, Coal and


Boju Boju

Boju boju heh! Akara Mo heh! Ekiti heh, oluwambe heh!

Oh, I so much loved this kid games when growing up. That's the African slangs we use while playing the game in Nigeria. The game is usually played with other


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