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Baby Dolphin Dies On Argentina Beach As Tourists Seek Selfies

Another one! Didn't the last year incident show that taking dolphin out of the water can kill them?

When humanity will learn that the welfare of the animal is much more important than a mere selfie? Now, if I think of it, I think human is getting dumb and dumber every decades since they are becoming more selfish than their


Video Thumb Nail

Christiano Ronaldo Won The 2016 Ballon d'Or

The Portuguese international has just won the 2016 best footballer of the year beating his opponent Lionel Messi of Argentina, the third runner up is the French international Antoine Griezmann of Athletico Madrid, Christiano Ronaldo is now a five times world best player. Congratulations to him.


I want to go back to Netherlands


I'll tell you what is the problem

Criminals openly disclaim at every social network their way of living, yet: They remain free and dangerous to any decent citizen.

Not long ago, here, at Argentina:
A couple of thieves shot a man's head with a shotgun to take his motorcycle, hours later they were posting pictures of them over it (custom, unique motorcycle).



Just how far can foreigners go in criticizing France?

We may be foreign but that doesn't mean we cannot offer some negative appraisal of our adopted country, we are more than just guests.

Of course expats, tourists and the French will complain about France. It is only natural.


With respect to tourists, if the French don't


Bitcoin Thrives In The Philippines And Argentina

This is great news. The list of countries in this article is short, but I think we'll see it expanding rapidly. There are so many advantages to using bitcoin.

The first, of course, is the ease of use. Following by realistic fees and lack of intrusive paperwork and noxious bank


The War On Cash Leads To Total Financial Surveillance

Somehow I agree with Ron Paul here. By pushing cash transaction more toward electronic, government and banks surveillance will be increased. But on the other hand, the central bank also keeps printing money like nuts. Although the electronic transaction simplifies payment, many people does not want to be in the system due to the nature of banks


Popular Retirement Destinations for US Expats

According to International Living, Ecuador is the world's best retirement haven.

More International Living hype? This article doesn't even have a single quote from a retired American that has moved abroad.... just quoted from International


An Expat Guide to the Asado, the Holy Grail of All Pleasures in Argentina

It's a nice overall guide. Yet it's missing a great deal of key pointers that are vital at any asado:
Don be afraid to use your hands to eat, if you don't want to "get your hand in it" just use some bread to grab pieces of meat, as sandwiches.
"Morcilla", don't ask, just eat it. Once you like it, ask what it is (I wont spoil it, some


Opinion: Bitcoin Will Transform Argentina - CoinBuzz

Opinion: Bitcoin Will Transform Argentina -


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