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The doctor helping Mongolians die with dignity

If you look the bright side of it, education is the key. Took here many years to convince the government until they finally learns the truth that the purpose of them is to serve the people regardless whether they were dying or not.

At least now, her efforts should be applauded since not only those were being able to get a care that they


Korea and the fourth industrial revolution: In the education technology business, success is elusive

You know that every time there is a new technology come out, the Korean will jump into it in the first place.

I remember when 3G came out in 1991 and South Korea were the first country that implemented it even before US. This fast implementation made Samsung and DSK become a giant conglomerates pretty quick. Similarly with 4G, where the US


Japanese expats lure developers

Every time any country open up for skilled expat workers, the residential property in the central business district will climb up to the point that it unbearable anymore. This is the reason why property price is high in major cities in Asia. Just look at Hong Kong and Singapore. Anyone who want to enslaved themselves to a giant corporation


Jailed US student released in North Korea

It is very common in Asia that they take little things very serious most especially in that North Korea were wickedness and crime against humanity is more pronounced, what they did to the boy is very wrong, removing a political banner is not a serious case of sending someone to 15 years in jail, that is oppression of the highest

Pancasila Promotion Group Inaugurated Amid Intolerance Fears

If you look at the photo above, it looks like a KKK rally in the south. Heck, I couldn't agree more since they are dressed up like one, only without the white mask.

On the other hand, the one that need to be educated the most is the religious school and mosque. Why? Because the uneducated people are too easy to be radicalized by infiltration


50% of expats positive about their lives in Seoul: survey

That's because over half of them were Chinese. And westerner are seen as someone who liberated South Korea from communism over 60 years ago anyway.

Try to do a survey among the South Asian, Middle Eastern and African. I bet you get a different


Africa is the second largest continent in the world.

Just for the sake of knowledge, Africa is the second largest continent in the world. It is second after


The One *NSYNC Music Video You've Probably Never Seen

In the US, the music video might not have been seen because the US version was shown on MTV and music channels. "I Want You Back" was released in Asia, and the lads are still unknown stateside at that time. The original music video was shown here, and I admit, the guys looks so cheesy here.

No More Happy Endings For Bali Spas

This is a double edged sword. For once, they only nailed the smaller SMB that indeed practice prostitution, but the big one like 3-5 stars hotel in the islands is still untouched.

Of course those high end call girl or prostitution ring is operated in a highly skilled manner and different than the one you see here who mask themselves as a


History: Japan's parliament clears way for Emperor Akihito's abdication

Finally, after 200 years since the Tokugawa or Samurai era, the oldest monarch in the world is finally adapt to the new and modern era. The Japanese dynasty is one of the longest running dynasty in the world, even older than the British monarch.

The old feudal regulation is slowly being repealed. Although the society is still obey the


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