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Another crazy sport

I mentioned in my previous posts about a crazy sport called wild ironing. I have heard about another crazy sport called Underwater Up side down Hockey, it is played under freezing water especially in Finland, Austria and Germany. Players do not use any breathing instruments. They enter ponds and lakes that are frozen on the surface. Inside the

Politics: Turkey rallies row: Germany and Netherlands harden stance

My takes is simple. If you live in another country, you respect the law of that country. Besides, this rally got nothing to do with Netherlands, Germany or Austrian politics, so why Erdogan complained about it?

If Turks wants to leave the EEZ, then go ahead and leave. Rallying in foreign soil is similar to encroaching someone else

A Lot

It is very well known how much work and impact Mozart did, especially since he was child prodigy. I think his work i undermined a little in comparison what he actually made. He will never be forgotten but he deserves much more credits in musical world actually.


Only the five years Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart began to creates the music and astonishing European nobility. His work has more than six hundred works of all genres of his time. His most famous works: Turkish Mars, A Little Night Music, The Abduction from the Seraglio, The Marriage of Figaro, Don Giovanni, The Magic Flute and many well-known to all

Musical genius

When he mentioned Mozart, first association of Salzburg. Cities in Austria where we both born. As for music, an amazing genius. Write as many musical works during the 35 years of his life is unique to someone who has a genius for music. Suffice it to say that the age of six impress Empress Maria Theresa with her virtuosity and with thirteen

I do not know

I never inquired about it. I had no idea that he wrote so very much work. I know when and I know some of his musical creativity. I remember little things that we learned in school. thank you for shared this information with us.

A lot actually

It's true that the genius life was cut short at such young age. As much as Mozart only spent a brief of time on this planet, he died poorly since he got a big hole in his pocket. In fact, up till know, people never know where's his actual body or grave is. The monument on the St. Marx cemetery in Vienna just to indicate that he was buried there

Classic music

When we talk about Mozart, the first thing that will come up my mind is classic music. I remember when I was pregnant, I used to listened to his music aside from it is relaxing, calming and nice to listen, some study says, it can help the child's brain to be develop. Now I agree with it, my son is smart in his class

Novi Sad birthday

Today 01.02.2017. the city of Novi Sad celebrates its 269th birthday. Back in 1748, Novi Sad bought his freedom for the then 80,000 forints. He is the first European city that has bought his freedom in Vienna,


music for thinking, motivation and relaxation

To Mozart one of the most important and most influential composers of classical music. The giant that is their hard work and the work left a great gift to all of us through his works. What is talent he tells us that his first work written with only five years. We all know each other, "The Marriage of Figaro," "Don Giovanni", "The Magic Flute",


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