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Oscar Causes Big Fight In China Match.

I think from the video what Oscar did to the opposite players looked intentional but it isn't. Oscar was rushed upon by the other team mates then a big fight started which was immediately separated by other team mates and officials.


Video Thumb Nail

Brazil Legend Ronaldo Tips Christiano Ronaldo Over Messi For The Ballon D'Or

Christiano Ronaldo deserves to be the world's best player of the year followed by Eden Hazard of Chelsea, even before the Brazilian international said it, i knew Ronaldo is going to beat Messi over the Ballon D'Or awards because it is judged by the number of trophies a player achieves in a season and Messi's Barcelona have not won a major


Neymar is a player of the Football Club Barcelona from Spain.

He played for well known clubs in Europe where she later arrived in Barcelona, among other famous players such as Messi, Cristiano and many others showed his skill and talent on the Court where he became the best player.

Neymar is Starter career began in Brazil in the Soccer


Brazilian doll Ken

Brazilian guy Celso Santebanes, spent £ 30,000 on surgery to turn himself into a human version of Barbie's boyfriend Ken. Recently he died at the age of 20, after an infection that caused a kind of cancer. He was obsessed to be like a doll Ken and spent a fortune to pay for the best plastic surgeons to do him transformation he wanted. It


Trump trashed slap Serbs

The United States, together with all the citizens of Kosovo celebrated winning the historic gold medal at the Olympic Games in Brazil, as well as the debut of representation of Kosovo in international games of


Have you heard of "penis-snake"?

Unusual and very rare animal species discovered in Brazil due to its appearance has gained inglorious nickname "penis-snake". However, in general it is not a snake, although discovered creature resembles her.
It is an extremely rare type of amphibian without limbs, who because of the wide, round head on top of thick, fleshy bodies,


Bliive: Brazilian barter website turns time into money

Looks like the age of time sharing is now moving forward accordingly. Just take a look at this site //l[1], they even personal medical care such as dentistry on it.

People should realize that barter or sharing economy is moving forward. It's the economy of the people and there is no way that government could tax it since barter between

More Inmates Beheaded In Brazil Prison Riot

In God's name, i don't what is the government doing about it, this is becoming disastrous, are they tying to tell me they don't know how to calm the situation down?. This is not good at all, whatever the issue is, let them settle it and stop all these


Drugs Gang Kills 33 Inamtes In Brazil Jail

The jail break in Brazil was really a great and disastrous one, i hope they are aware that the police will soon nail them on the wall, i am not surprise at this anyway, those are the kind of people you see in jail are drug


Brazil Prison Escpe: Fugitive Posts Selfies On The Run

This is really crazy, they have finished killing themselves and now they are taking selfies as they escape from the prison. This is one of the worse prison break that has happened in the past three years. I wonder what the warders were


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