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Immigration: Panama Toughens Immigration Policies To Prevent Permanent Tourists

Looks like Trump effect has reached Panama. But on this one, I couldn't agree more. Unless they are applying for residency, which is quite difficult unless you met certain criteria, they should leave the country lawfully.

But, with the influx of immigrant from other neighboring country due to the quality of living in Panama, I won't be


Cuba: Will Cuba embrace the internet revolution?

It will take time, but it's getting there. And now since the relation with the US is thawed, they can proceed with massive infrastructure upgrade.

Don't get me wrong, there would be some restriction similar to the Chinese great fire-wall. After all, the people are not ready to taste the entire freedom. But as long as they make progress, I


Tens of thousands of Central American children are fleeing their homes - except in Nicaragua

Interesting isn't it. Well, after the fall of Noriega in Panama and the Sandinista contra in the central America, Nicaragua has enjoyed a more stable politics compares to their neighbors.

Admitted that Ortega is probably heading toward a totalitarianism regime since he's been their president for so long, but in term of economic and safety

A newly connected continent

This was a vision of Che Guevara back after WW2. A united states of Latin America. But it never materialized due to local conflict.

But without globalization ideology, no countries can survive in this information age. The movement of people and also goods are very important regardless who's in charge in the government.

Humanity will move


Antigua's prisoners face rough conditions in colonial-era jail

In a country where only 90,000 people lives in a small island and known for tax haven system, Antigua and Barbuda are not known for slave trading place, even during the colonial era.

But this rich country couldn't even build a good public housing system, moreover prison or even provide jobs to their people.

I guess, the human rights


Plans advance for South American passport and citizenship

So, they finally will become like the EU in Central and South America. The question is whether they could clean up the current mess since lots of their leaders are involved with unlawful acts.

Even the EU with similar background and history having trouble to maintain it, moreover the Latin America's countries. But who knows, things might go


Haiti faces a 'major food crisis', its interim president says

Not only because of hurricane, but Haiti has been in this state before many times.

I never get that the people of Haiti are being exploited by many western countries. They couldn't even get their government straight after the fall of Duvalier's regime. In fact, the corruption runs rampant and their natural resources is being exploited by the


Trump's Win May Be Asia's Loss - Bloomberg

Not necessarily! In fact, the reason that the exports depends on the US was because the US investment down there. But the Asian market is completely different. It's true that the US corporations could shutdown the business in Asia or Latin America, but it won't guarantee that they will not import a raw materials or even a partially manufactured


Not Much Longer - Thank You God!

"If Trump should win would you return to the United States or stay in Costa Rica?"

Costa Rica won.

"If Hillary wins would you return to the United States or stay or stay in Costa Rica?"

Costa Rica won again.

Now, the next important question!

Would you renounce your US citizenship?



US Expats in Mexico Fear Retaliation Should Trump Become President

Aha! Nothing will happen. If Trump become POTUS, which will be almost impossible at this moment, and if he send all the Mexican back, the Mexican government has every right to send all the gringos back home. This is assuming that they do not need the money.

I think it's possible that they are planning to get Mexican citizenship in Mexico, a


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