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Chinese investors get around tighter controls on money flow

Of course, bitcoin can set them free from government control. But it could also drawn another country into oblivion.

Now, New Zealand is inviting Chinese to invest on their property. Canada and Australia has done the same and look what happen to the housing market in those two country. Almost out of reach and now, they are having some issues


Virginia man charged with espionage for allegedly delivering top-secret documents to China

This is weird. Why suddenly FBI nailed him now if he was suspected to leak the information to the Chinese before? If someone already has their security clearance revoked since 2012, that means he has another accomplices inside the government that feed him such information. Isn't that true?


Oscar Causes Big Fight In China Match.

I think from the video what Oscar did to the opposite players looked intentional but it isn't. Oscar was rushed upon by the other team mates then a big fight started which was immediately separated by other team mates and officials.


Video Thumb Nail

Chinese movies are not much

Chinese movies are not much in film houses compared to about 10 years ago. When the lies of Bruce Lee and jet li was gaining the major grounds.


China fines Emirates for flying at wrong altitude

It is clearly obvious that all these Airlines are more concerned with their income than the safety of lives. I think the Chinese government was absolutely right for imposing fine on them because most aircrafts crashing were caused by recklessness of the firm. This should be a lesson to other airlines.

Traffic-Violating Expats Used by Police to Teach Chinese 'Awareness of the Law'

From expat point of view, IMO, stop complaining, This is just the way of them to do it. But for the Chinese, I admit that Beijing traffic is lousy and it's better to take public transportation.

On the other hand, isn't that a common sense that traffic light is internationally known. Even if you're color blind like the above example, the


Exclusive: Dennis Rodman heading to North Korea

Hey, I admit that Rodman is not a diplomat, but his last 2014 visit caused a stir that even the former US prisoner, Bae praised him since he brought the world attention to his detention in the North.

Perhaps, this time Rodman might accomplish something that those meatballs in Washington can't. But again, if he can muster Kim, perhaps Dumbo


Medical Workers Open 8,000 Bottles Of Antidote To Save A Poisoned Patient. Photos

This shows that the medical association of this country is very strong and functioning, on like some countries like Nigeria, this man would have because there won't be any one to sacrifice that time to treat him and give an attention of this kind, the man is lucky for the kind of country he came from.

I am amazed of how good these medical


Can Manchester United lift UEFA Europa Title?

Base on their passed record in this season with drew in some matches played and the injury sustained by the players. Would they be able to lift up the UEFA Europa Cup this


Life: In Beijing, Vladimir Putin Plays Two Piano Tunes From His Childhood

Putin is completely a different animals. Like the article said, he was the man of the man. Diving shirtless in sub zero temperatures in Siberia and many other dangerous things shows his capability not only as the world leader but also as a human being.

Perhaps this is a softer side of him. The romantic side of Putin shows why he was the

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