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The most important holiday in China, the Chinese New Year. The Chinese traditionally believe that each person throws away evil spirits from the old year. Also consider that then everyone birthday. The white color, the Chinese color of mourning.

The Chinese are among the first to invent the ice cream

In China, it is customary that the rich


Hong Kong: 'A selection not an election': Pro-Beijing committee picks loyalist to lead Hong Kong

'A selection not an election'

I agree! But why need to analyze Hong Kong and Beijing. Even in the Us is selection and not an election!

Yes, a selection of electorates that is controlled by the big boys who donate money to the political party and candidates that they want to win.

Forget Hong Kong and China. Take


Nigeria and China Partnership

Today Nigeria and China came in partnership together concerning developing the Agricultural sector, where by Nigeria can now package and export most of their Agricultural product to the China country to bring development to the country Agricultural


Military: China warns US bomber during East China Sea flyover

I'm telling you man! Trump and the rest of his cronies really wants to peck a fight with the Chinese and not only North Korea.

C'mon! If the US doesn't recognize the Chinese ADIZ, then the anyone on the planet can encroach US airspace. They could also say that they do not recognize it. Now, who has the ball to do


Politics: A Test for Tillerson, and for US Strategy on ISIS

And most likely he will blow it. Putin already said in 2015 that the US was the one who created IS and supply their logistics. Hey, the IS was created for two things: To topple Assad regime in Syria and to prolonged the war in the middle east so they industry could make more money. Who cares about the number of people dies, they just want the

Nigeria: Recession: Job losses extend to expatriates in multinationals

This is a problem when a country depend so much on their natural resources especially oil. Just take a look at Venezuela which in the brink of total collapse.

The middle eastern countries were also the same. They are starting to blame the expats for the economy meltdown. But the primary reason is lack of diversity on their economic sector

Legal: China's trading partners alarmed by food import controls

Aha ha ha! The Chinese gives a warning message to the west, particularly Trump. If you raise taxes on our product, we could do the same with yours. Worse, they doing it on food product which is time sensitive compares to their export that consist primarily of electronics, metal or others.

To all US and EU nations, beat

Politics: Tillerson to face Chinese ire over blame for North Korea tensions

A former oil executive with no prior diplomatic experience, Tillerson will meet China's two top diplomats on Saturday and Xi on Sunday.

That should answer on how stupid Trump's pick in the foreign relations.

North Korea is not under Chinese dictation and not like the South Korea or the Japanese. In fact, one


Jujube, needles, Chinese urma

Jujube will develop full flavor and the highlight of sugar when they are completely dark brown. However, you can eat when you are only about 50% of brown and green everywhere else. The fruit should feel firm to the touch when consumed fresh and begin to lose moisture quickly after the skin becomes completely brown while still on the


Politics: Top South Korean presidential candidate demands China stop retaliation over THAAD

Hey, this liberal guy could be the next president of South Korea and he could turn the things around.... yet to be proven, btw!

Anyway, he used this tension among China, North Korea, US and his previous president to his advantage to gain more votes. After all, if Korea is led by another conservatives, similar things might happen


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