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Can Manchester United lift UEFA Europa Title?

Base on their passed record in this season with drew in some matches played and the injury sustained by the players. Would they be able to lift up the UEFA Europa Cup this


Life: In Beijing, Vladimir Putin Plays Two Piano Tunes From His Childhood

Putin is completely a different animals. Like the article said, he was the man of the man. Diving shirtless in sub zero temperatures in Siberia and many other dangerous things shows his capability not only as the world leader but also as a human being.

Perhaps this is a softer side of him. The romantic side of Putin shows why he was the

Pekingese dog

Pekingese bred at the Chinese court, in England comes in 1800.
This dog is actually stolen in China after the military robbery imperial residence. Together with a dog in Europe arrived and stories about his background and lifestyle. In China, he was court dog, regal dog with special privileges. Today it is a fearless, self-confident and


Trade: China says all welcome at Silk Road forum after US complains over North Korea

As some Western countries move backwards by erecting 'walls', China is contriving to build bridges, both literal and metaphorical.

That does it! That's exactly what China thinks. Instead of sending military force all over the world like the US did, they want peace and ability to trade or do business with

Politics: N. Korea issues direct criticism of China amid nuke dispute

Just a bunch of political rants to please the US and the South Korean. We all know that the North depends on the Chinese for trade. Their energy is so dependent on the Chinese to the point that they are seems to be the distant state of the Chinese empire.

Although Kim's rants seems to be taken seriously, he's been doing it for a while and


Lupu Bridge

Lupu Bridge is the longest arch bridge in the world that spans the magnificent 550 meters across the Huangpu River in China.
However, there was a large discrepancy during the construction. In fact, there was a need for such a bridge, which will connect the district Luvan on the north coast and Pudong in the south, but this is supposed to be


Native English speakers needed in China!

Location: Qingdao city, Shandong province

School type: Training school

Starting time: As soon as possible

Working hours: About 20 hours per week

5 work days


1. Native English speaker, excellent pronunciation

2. Bachelor degree

3. Teaching experience preferred


1. The salary is 7000-12000

Politics: Trump is right. America needs to talk to bad guys - but carefully.

That's because Dumbo doesn't want to learn from history. Before you try to push your own agenda, you should know yourself on what you're capable off and then try to push your own idealistic view to your opponent. Isn't that the basic Sun Tzu the art of war?

But Trump knows nothing other than he has the mightiest military in the world that


Politics: SE Asian summit ends in uncertainty over South China Sea stance

Actually, from the ASEAN point of view, not only the Chinese is the problem, but also the US. The biggest ball right now is on the Philippines. If they can get rid of US military presence, then the ASEAN as an independent organization could negotiate with China.

But since they have a contract, it would be hard to negotiate. Even among the

Food: American Media is Still Getting Chinese Food All Wrong

Stereotyping! What else is new. But in the US where Chinese food is common with the concept of fast or take out food, not many people are bother to learn the truth behind it. Of course similar to Italian which has 20 different region, the Chinese has 10 major distinct food regions.

But, as long as they can get it cheap and quick, no one

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