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Amaechi seeks Nationa, Assembly's approval to borrow $1.5 billion from China

The Minister of Transportation is asking the approval of The Federal Government of Nigeria for a loan of $1.5 billion from china for the construction of the Lagos to Ibadan Rail way line.

Is that money not too much in this recession period that we are?
What about the first money that was given out for the project by the last



This puppy belong to the Tibetan mastiff and it is one of the biggest dog breed in the world. This breed live in the foothills of Himalaya. Extremely strong body, very brave and loyal to his lord. It is also the most expensive dog. Last year one of them is sold in Beijing for 4 millions dollars


Beautiful tea service

Isn't it so pretty? Like from fairy tale, I like to have something like that in my house in my collection. Look how cute is this. Plenty of skill and designers imagination is used to make this lovely thing. Merry service on every table make joy in


Enough with Trump

News portals in world are still talking about presidential inauguration. But not main thing. It is important who wore what, who made which face, who yawned, are the baseball hats that could be bought on the streets for this occasion from China or


China's Xi calls for a world without nuclear weapons

Interesting that Trump advocate more military prowess and Xi advocate a nuclear disbandment.

This Davos forum were a perfect time and place for China to take over the world economy. It's also used as a propaganda material by Xi and others.

And Trump! Well, he was busy with his hairstylist to prepare for

Stay home and get my quality time

How did I do it? Simple! I stay home and get my quality time. And if I go out, I just spend it with a couple of good friends at some restaurant or at one of our houses.

I try to keep it simple and not complicated. With some bottles of wine, beer, or champagne and some hors d'ouvre. Why we need an extra celebration if the only thing that most

Xi says world needs China, U.S. to have stable relationship

Interesting that US send Biden as their representative although he only have 3 more days in his term.

Anyway, I was surprised that at least the high ranking official from Trump side is not there to talk to Xi and other about the world economy. Don't think that the US could do whatever they want with the world economy since now, the Chinese

Enter the Dragon: China goes big in Davos - and here's why

See! When Trump is going inward, the Chinese are going outward. The US influence the world and make most of the world as their minion would be done within 10 years.

No one can escape the Chinese foreign investment now. They are not looking for military might or weapons, but to preserve a long term trade with the rest of the

Study Shows Eating Hot Pepper Linked To Living A Much Longer Life Than Anticipated

I don't think eating it will prolonged your life. There are other factor that could make you live longer rather than a certain type of food.

Imagine that the Oriental and some Latin American countries are love to eat spicy and hot food, but their life expectancy still less than the one in the developed countries.

Anyway, it's true that

China media: Trump 'playing with fire' on Taiwan - BBC News

Trump ain't gonna win. He thinks that if he embraces Taiwan, he could dictate Beijing. Hell no! There are other countries in the world that even drop their support for Taiwan in favor for mainland.

The fact that the core of Chinese politics are all about business and trade, Trump should be smarter than a Peking Duck street vendor in Hong

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