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China hits back at Trump, says one-China policy is 'non-negotiable' - Fox News

ROFL! Trump ain't gonna win. He just use Taiwan as a pawn for the new trade contract with China.

The Chinese already corner most of the world trade route and business. While the US were busy displaying their military might, the Chinese go backdoor and put their money for long term

China scores new victories in Africa as Taiwan handed diplomatic blow

No. Nigeria didn't cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan. There were never a diplomatic ties with them in the first place. The Taiwan government has a business or trade representative with the country for quite sometimes.

But the Chinese mainland aka Beijing plays hardball with Buhari and his administration. They want to be in Abuja, thus making

I Moved to china for NIgeria's sake - Mikel Obi

Nigeria national football team captain and formal Chelsea Midfielder John Mikel Obi, who recently move to his Chinese premier league team Tiajin Teda, Has a statement that so annoying that "He left Chelsea to his current for the sake of Nigeria".

Mikel should keep quiet , i hate when people lie publicly, he should be man enough to accept his


Pen power: China closer to ballpoint success

In other words, if you buy some pens from any stores, you can be sure that it's not Made in China or what?

The problem is the precision engineering. The culture is too easy to be swayed away by get it done first and do not think any repercussion afterwards. Maybe that's the reason why lots of Chinese products are

China's Xi to promote 'inclusive' globalization at Davos

I don't blame him. And in my opinion, Xi has a broader perspective toward globalization.

The culture of "laissez fere" that has been going on for century is China ultimate dream before this century is over. The fact that the western world is still hesitant to approach it due to fear of losing their ground shows that the people can't be

Best Asian FX Forecaster Fears Trump Risk More Than China: Q&A - Bloomberg

Of course! Trump can crash the world economy faster than what most people think. The reason is that the greenbacks are still the most influential currency in the world and not the Yuan.

The Chinese are much more diligent and careful when deliberating their economic path and not like Trump with the rest of his idiotic

At home

I was at home with my friends and family. Nothing special, just regular night, trying to have fun even thought you don't have any special reason for it. Since, we are talking about it, I'd glad to wish everyone Happy New Year even thought its passed like 10 days ago. The only thing I want to wish you is a lot of health for you, your family and

City by ice: Sculptures, swimming in ice, weddings ... Welcome to the festival in Harbin!

Festival of ice in one of the coldest cities of China is a real attraction that is visited by millions of enthusiastic tourists.
Starts festival of ice in one of the coldest cities in China, Harbin, where they will be targeted and ice sculptures remake of some of the world's most famous landmarks.
The event, which will last until the


Building Ties: China Calls on Atfrican Nations to Join New Silk Road Projec

While US and NATO will send their mighty military personnel and equipment in order to colonize weaker country, the Chinese send their businessman to negotiate for long term trade.

And that's the different between the west and the east. Long term trade are much more important rather than short term


Anbang in Talks with Kushner for NY Building Overhaul - Fortune

And Trumpo clan kept blasting China for price manipulation on goods the being exported to the US. At the end, he must beg the Chinese to get more money for his real estate too.

Trump owed more and more foreign institution rather than local US business. The fact that he's been bleeding the greenbacks overseas is not surprise. After all, who


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