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After Silence From Xi, Trump Endorses One China Policy - New York Times

Aha ha ha! I made the same comment before on another post. There is no way that the US would win. Even on the surface they already lost. Why? Simple! The US wants the Chinese money, that's all!

I already made my argument that if Trump use Taiwan as a bargaining chip, he doesn't know Beijing or the Chinese in general. Trump already loose this

Bitcoin Price Plummets

The price of Bitcoin plummeted around 12 PM on February 9, 2017 GMT. The price had been rising consistently before this sudden drop, and had reached a peak of about $1,060. However, it has once again dropped below $1,000 due to Chinese trading companies blocking Bitcoin withdrawals. It may take a long time for the price of Bitcoin to increase


Trump Sends Letter to China's Xi, Seeks Constructive Relations - Bloomberg

The rest get a phone call, except Xi, which gets the letter. So, I wonder what kind of BS that Trump putting on the table this time. Conspiracy anyone?

Anyway, there is no way that the Chinese can't dump the treasury note. If Trump is kept twitting his foreign policy, then the Chinese might take that seriously and dump their holding which is

A US-trained scientist was deported, then became the 'father of Chinese rocketry'

Stupidity possess the greatest destruction in history. And humanity never learns from it to the point that it happens before and it will happens again.

Just take a look at most of the US educated foreigner that now building their own country. They normally being rejected but suddenly flourish on their own home because the government and

Zebra attacked workers at the zoo!

Terrifying footage mobile phone, shows the moment when the zebra from a safari park Chimelong, in the southern part of China, attacked the workers of the Zoo, and dragged him into the bushes. This event alarmed the public, especially because only a few days tiger bites the man who did not want to pay the ticket at the zoo and tried to get in


Video Thumb Nail

Mattis says no need for dramatic US military moves in South China Sea - Reuters

Aha ha ha! Bottom line is just money. Yes, the area in the South China Sea is rich of oil and any other natural resources. The US wants to take part of it thus try to block China for taking over.

What they don't realize is that many of the ASEAN countries are not in favor of US since they only thing they bring is just chaos and

China lashes out at Mattis remarks on East China Sea islands

I never get the concept of why interfering with other country sovereignty unless you have any interest on it.

The fact that it just rock in the middle of north China Sea should not concerned the US in general. And as much as Japan is US allies in the far east, their foreign policy are partially dictated from

China is not a bad place

Ighalo completed recently a mega money move to Chinese football club with a weekly wage of about 200k. This money is pretty cool for him and he is happy with the move. But the coach of the Nigerian national team Rohr has snubbed him because he made the move to China. Is he underrating the Chinese football? But the league is fast evolving to


Amaechi seeks Nationa, Assembly's approval to borrow $1.5 billion from China

The Minister of Transportation is asking the approval of The Federal Government of Nigeria for a loan of $1.5 billion from china for the construction of the Lagos to Ibadan Rail way line.

Is that money not too much in this recession period that we are?
What about the first money that was given out for the project by the last



This puppy belong to the Tibetan mastiff and it is one of the biggest dog breed in the world. This breed live in the foothills of Himalaya. Extremely strong body, very brave and loyal to his lord. It is also the most expensive dog. Last year one of them is sold in Beijing for 4 millions dollars


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