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Politics: EU summit: Leaders meet for Rome anniversary

Take a look at that picture above. What did you see? Isn't that resemblance the old Knight of the Templar during the crusade?

Yes, the pope is the head of all the nations. He's even more powerful than any king or queen in Europe back then. And looking at that picture, you know what the EU is!


Terrorism: Man killed at Paris airport was flagged for radicalism

If he was flagged for radicalism, how in the world he could bypass the airport security? Don't they have a check-in system that flagged such people whenever they come into the airport?

This one shows that how bad security in French airport these days. Lucky for them, he's not a suicide bomber. Imagine what kind of damage that he could have


Italy: 'Party of the poorest' to be launched in Italy, aims to guarantee every citizen a House, Job, free Heal

Isn't this somewhat idiotic? This is like an extreme socialist party plus plus! How in the world the government can guarantee a job if a job ain't there or the people doesn't want it? Or a pension if the people never work most of their life?

Promising something is great, but executing it requires a critical thinking. Something that lacking

Have you seen Big Ben?

I never did before, but I hope that once I do. Big Ben is a symbol of London that I also wanted to leave. That's not so far away, so I'll have this dream perhaps achieve in life. London is a fantastic city with a lot of famous places and buildings, the center of a vast culture and is still one of the leading in the world. That would be a big


Dutch elections: Wilders' far-right party beaten, early results show - CNN

No hope for the far-right winger in Netherlands. That meatballs white supremacist Wilders is now gone. But his 20% vote sounds alarming to the future of the country.

The fact that the racist group has been defeated, it should provide a n example to the French in April and the German in


Politics: François Fillon, French Presidential Candidate, Is Charged With Embezzlement

Okay, one crazy right wing is down and then when the next one will happen. I'm talking about that crazy Le Pen?

One thing for sure, the French and EU should make a regulation that prohibit family member to be hire to any nation position or public office position. So, why they haven't done that for the past 4


Neymar is a player of the Football Club Barcelona from Spain.

He played for well known clubs in Europe where she later arrived in Barcelona, among other famous players such as Messi, Cristiano and many others showed his skill and talent on the Court where he became the best player.

Neymar is Starter career began in Brazil in the Soccer


Denmark: A Boy Found a WWII Plane, Complete With the Pilot's Remains

Consider this a gift to the German government and the pilot's family. To be able to find the German aces during WW2 are quite rare even during the war itself.

I wonder how it could be buried deep underneath the farm. Normally, the plane like this one will take sometimes to be engulfed by the top soil. Perhaps more geological survey could

France: Handing out food to British-bound migrants in Calais has been made a criminal offence

They already demolished the camp and offers asylum for the immigrants in France, so I wonder why they do not want it?

Maybe they think that UK is much better than in France. But with the current Brexit is just about to be finalized, they should think the other way around.

Heck, if the Brits closed the channel and the far right winger won


Poll shows 60% of European doctors are considering leaving UK

This is just the EU doctors, not includes the UK citizen doctors and nurses who plan to leave their own country due to NHS regulations.

In fact, many of UK's medical staffs already look for job elsewhere like in the third world country or even the UK's commonwealth of nation. They get better pay and better treatment by the system rather than


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