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Exotic destinations

This far away cultures and civilizations have always attracted me. I would like once in my life that I have enough money to come see her this far and interesting destinations in the Far East. This world is not at all familiar, except for the TV shows that take us at least a little bit


Far East Engineering Profile

Is an engineering company in Jordan - Amman specializing in the design of buildings, supervision and engineering consultancy, civil engineer, established in 1998, as well as some other miscellaneous activities, such as interior design , project management and accounting of the project amounts and the work of a comprehensive study of the

Life Leisure Holidays Profile

Greetings from Life Leisure Holidays, Sri Lanka.

It is my privilege to introduce LIFE LEISURE HOLIDAYS to your esteemed establishment, which is a well organized Top class Travel Agency, duly registered with the Tourist Board of Sri Lanka that undertakes all aspects of ground handling and at present, facilitate requirements of many satisfied

Amur leopard population rises to 50 animals, but at risk from tigers, poachers

In the remote Russian far east, amid pine forests and long winters, a great cat ...

claudia Profile

i want people to see and travel to Kenya now that there are direct flight from Far East with Kenya Airways.

claudia's website: east africa safari trails

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