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Set Up A Negotiation Team Before August 1st - Edwin Clark Warns FG

When you are thinking about your own pocket, you will definitely make a lot of noise, in many cases, you will even have the loudest voice.

Edwin Clark is not an exemption here, he is the representative of a faction of the Niger Delta people.

Did he really warned the government as the media had claimed, or he was just voicing out his own

APC sweeps Lagos LG polls

What do you expect? Democracy is not the topic here, but monopoly and dictatorship rule until the next election. This is a modern form of dictatorship rule.

Anyway I am not surprised about the victory for the party because when a governor is under APC, his local government will also have to be under his party.

Reps To Set Minimum Age Requirement Of 35 For Presidential Aspirants

Even if they take it down to age 20, some old looking grandfather will come out and claim that age.

Fake age has been the game of the public, that's what people do all the time whenever they are playing the game of politics.

They would claim a younger age, age that their kids have exceeded.

Two Women Arrested In Sales Of Coloured Orange

What these women did was very wrong, my problem with them is that they failed to know that those colors they used in making these oranges looks more attractive may have a very dangerous effects on the health of buyers, they were wrong in doing such a thing and I hope the FDA confiscate the oranges and destroy them.

They should also educate


Video Thumb Nail

Parents: Is there any different between a Male child and a Female child in your Culture or Tradition?

Here in African some culture and tribes of people do regard a male child more esteem than a female child because of various reasons base on their tradition and culture.
Parents, ladies and guys in the house, is there any different between a male child and a female child in your own culture and

Watch Ghanaian pastor heal woman by giving her French kiss

His kiss must be a healer, there is nothing we will not see men of God doing these days, this has really got me thinking about how these men of God that they are just deceiving people to their church in the name performing fake miracle.

People just need to be careful on how they fall for these men of God these days other wise they will end


Nigerian Landlord Found Prepaid Meters In A Village in Ghana (Video)

I am not surprised that even mud houses in Ghana has prepaid meters, it is because their government understand the impact of power on its economy that is why they never joked with it, they are very different from Nigeria and one other thing is that their country is far smaller than Nigeria that is why things can be easily organized there,


PDP and APC are almost done

What the vice president of Nigeria said is the truth. Our political parties are a far cry of what is taken as ideal. The PDP is almost dead with the never ending power tussle between Sherrif and Markarfi. According is short of breath as they have not been able to keep up with the daunting challenges that are thrown their way this and every day.

It's what money can do

The guy haven't even started spending the money but his face is already puffy. Now I know, the feeling alone of being 25 million naira rich can make you add weight. By the way, if he know what is good for him, he should go and secure his family first. Because I still recall what they did to Uti here in Sapele when he won Big brother Africa.

Kwesi Appiah returns as Black Stars coach

That's a good turn for him. After leaving the seat bare, no one could fill in there, he's the best man for the job. He was a legendary footballer during his time and today he is a coach of his birth country.

The African nations are preparing for world cup and I look forward to seeing his team qualify for the tournament and perform

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