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Do you know what is Fjords and how they were made?

Wonders of nature. Something that it looks like it is made by some artist.

Fjords are submerged valley of former glaciers.
They are characterized by great length and depth as well as steep slopes that rise from three sides of the bay. They are known for clear water and an exceptional nature that surrounds them.

It is the accepted view


Greenland: Same-Sex Marriage Bill Passes

(June 11, 2015) As of October 1, 2015, Greenland, a semi-autonomous region of Denmark, will permit same-sex couples to marry. Lawmakers in the parliament, the Inatsisartut, approved the measure by a vote of 27-0 on May 26, following a campaign for the right to marry that began in

I like Greenland because...

I like Greenland because the architecture in the area is really unique, the crime rate is low, and the beauty of the land is undefinable. Greenland is truly like another world compared the United States. Also, Greenland has great food, and a rich history.

Denmark; Greenland: Greenland Votes to Lift Uranium Mining Ban; Considers Independence

(Nov. 18, 2013) On October 24, 2013, in a close vote, Greenland's legislature, the Inatsisartut (Parliament) , overturned a 1988 ban on the mining of radioactive

Work At Home Job Opportunity in GREENLAND

Type: Work from Home, Temporary, Part-time, Independent Contractor

Fluent/Native in: Greenlandic or Kalaallisut

Country of Residence: GREENLAND

Who We Are:

Appen Butler Hill is a language technology solutions and consulting firm, recognized as a global leader in the quality, range and caliber of its expertise. We are focused on helping

Uerbert Angel

Uerbert Angel spirit


Software Engineer

Wanted to work as software engineer or as Module leader

Looking for job in Greenland?

Hi all.

If you need a job in Greenland, try this website. It's still only in Danish, but more languages will come

Niels Holger Jensen

Part of a picture taken at the int. airport Kangerdlugssuaq, Greenland by a russian sociologist in the summer


Ice Profile

Teacher from Greenland, wants to stop the scammers out there, doing my fair share!!

Ice's website: Weng Dano , Weng70, Wena Onad, Rowena Dano

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