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Revealed: Most expensive APAC city for expats

Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore are still the most expensive place to live on the Asia Pacific region. In fact, if I compare the cost all the way down to its smaller things like household items, the US Midwest region or the EU is still far cheaper.

But, make no mistake, their healthcare is good and even better than most of urban society on


Pretty lass from Hong Kong stuns 'The Voice Teens'

I saw the performance of this young lady. She may not sound like a diva, or I should say, not belting high notes, but her performance is clean. No struggles, it's just carefree. And yes, the teen is pretty, but I think cute describes her

Hong Kong: 'A selection not an election': Pro-Beijing committee picks loyalist to lead Hong Kong

'A selection not an election'

I agree! But why need to analyze Hong Kong and Beijing. Even in the Us is selection and not an election!

Yes, a selection of electorates that is controlled by the big boys who donate money to the political party and candidates that they want to win.

Forget Hong Kong and China. Take


Expats: Women spurning Hong Kong's long working hours and high cost of living: survey

I don't blame them. With the high cost of living and also to take care the family, it won't be surprised that they are becoming stressful more and more every day.

The money is good actually, but you won't have life. If you have family and unless you hire a baby sitter to watch your kids, then you can have more time. But, it's another expense


Superstar Jackie Chan Says Bruce Lee Was TOO Fast!

Jackie was a legend of martial arts, and he was the best stunt man among all of these martial arts artist. Even Jackie Chan said that Bruce Lee was very fast, when Jackie was young he acted as a stuntman with Bruce Lee and he said to Jackie-

"When Bruce Lee kicks then don't shake your eyes, if you shake your eyes you can't see Bruce


Video Thumb Nail

Luanda beats London, Hong Kong and Singapore as most expensive city for expatriates

I noticed that Luanda, Angola is one of the top ten most expensive city to live as an expat. The last bastion of communist country in Africa seems out of the question to some.

But to some people that enjoy the warmth beach and not to crowded environment compared to Hong Kong or Singapore, Luanda could be their best bet, although the jobs are

Give us back our troop carriers, Singapore urges Hong Kong

China has more leveraged against Singapore this time. Even Hong Kong is considered a Special Administrative Region of China, and they would probably return such military equipment back to Singapore, now the Chinese could pressure the Singaporean more.

They, of course could tell the Singapore to practice military in the China mainland instead

top hotels: the Upper House Hong Kong

I totally love the interior of this hotel. Yes. The interior because I have tried to get exterior pictures but I can not seem to find any online. It is obvious that time was taken to design the furniture and lights of this hotel. It is breath


Hong Kong is still a backward fishing village when it comes to some basic attitudes

It's an irony that in Hong Kong where people are fighting about freedom and democracy against mainland China, their vision of liberty is still being questioned.

I think the issue here is much more toward moral value of the residents. In fact, their traditional upbringing that still adhere to the mainland cause a global confusion toward what


Losing sex appeal? The future of Hong Kong's red light districts

For once, I support gentrification process of renovating or replacing a dark or skid row neighborhood. But prostitution can't be eliminated. In fact it probably will move to the upper class area that being controlled by the Triads or Hong Kong mafia.

I agree that Wan Chai need to be demolished and make it better, but if they congregate into


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