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Australian expat dies in Bali during massage

Perth man Kim Hunter, 62, is believed to have passed away from natural causes whilst getting the massage, according to News Corp Australia.

Now! Depending on your view of death that may be the ultimate happy ending for a massage. Or, it may be the worst end

4 Insanely Awesome Opportunities to Work Remotely from Abroad

For testing purposes and gain experience, I know that this program could be useful. You meet lots of people from different background and also great to expand your knowledge about other country and people.

One in particular, the //l[2], it spends lots of time in Asia. Of course the price seems to be much due to the organizer's fee. But I ran

China Set to Invest US$100mn in Indonesia`s Textile Industry

It would helps the regional to boost up the revenue and prevent unemployment. But the question is how long this contract will last. As lots of manufacturers have been switching to automation, the investment most likely will go into machine purchase and not to support a high labor manufacturing factory that is typical in the third world

Going beyond the economy in the ASEAN community

The main issue is always the same year to year. Education! Only people that enter the school formally understand the concept of ASEAN. Despite the fact that most newer generation from generation X to millennial at least has some formal education, but on the surface, the concept of ASEAN itself is harder to swallow by them.

Of course, like

World's oldest person discovered in Indonesia at the age of 145

The Dutch has all records from late 1500's through WW2 in Dutch East Indies or Indonesia. If the report said that they have proof that he was born in 1870, then the certificate was written in Dutch or ancient Javanese language, since he is from Java.

Many people who live in the Jogjakarta area are descendant of Kingdom of Ngayogyakarta

Indonesian president pledges to defend 'every inch' of the country, proposes 2017 state budget

He's not going to strengthen the defense department. What he did was building an infrastructure along the border area with Malaysia. He knew that the Navy is in dire needs of new ships and equipment. As always, he will present an increasing budget for defense department for next year, not to increase on military arsenal but to increase the


How Bali's winemakers are battling Islamisation - and sour grapes

I used to get involved with this political and cultural intrigue in this island. But as long as the farmers decide to plant the grapes and do not sacrifice their economy by turning their land into some real estate or industrial land, they are survive the politics.

Besides, the grape growers now making more rather than listening to those big


Indonesia actively involved in resolving South China Sea disputes: President

Jokowi won't back down! He already stated to the Xi Jinping; business is business and sovereignty can't be bought. In fact, he order the Chinese fisherman boat that the coast guard caught be sunk by blowing it up.

Even prior to the UNCLOS decision, Chine already made a statement that they will not argue with Indonesia in term of Economic



I took this picture from my airplane seat while I was traveling from Java to Bali.

The thing is, I don't have the faintest idea which volcano it is.

It looked awesome from the window though. Maybe somebody from Indonesia can recognize


Indonesian capital's airport opens $560 million terminal

Yeah, after many years this project stuck under the leadership of SBY. The country is badly needed improvements in the air travel and for the first 15 years after reformation process begun, there are still some meatballs that prolonged the pain of this project due to corruption.

Now, under Joko Widodo, the billion dollars project is finally


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