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Iran: New Insurance Law Provides for Equal Compensation to Women in Traffic Accidents

(Apr. 11, 2016) It was reported on March 15, 2016, that Iran's Guardian Council, a 12-member body that vets legislation to ensure it conforms to Shari'a law, had approved the Third Party Insurance


Biden: Iran under close watch amid reports of missile tests - Washington Post

He repeated U.S. assurances that “a nuclear-armed Iran is an absolutely unacceptable threat to Israel, the region and the United States.”

Oh this is great. Isn't Iran just have their embargo lifted late last year? And now it looks like its about to be reinstated again by the US and their cronies by the


Iran: Political Offenses Defined

(Feb. 9, 2016) On January 24, 2016, Iran's Parliament, the Majles, passed a draft law that for the first time defines what constitutes a "political offense" in

US-Iranian Swaps Pit Compassion Against Costs - New York Times

"The United States do not, I repeat, do no negotiate with terrorist!"

How often do you hear the above phrase come from the mouth of politician everywhere? But wait, if there is money that we can get afterwards, why not! The iran contra proved it worth it for military industries, so is the petrodollars with Iran. Despite the protest, as long


Iran says international sanctions to be lifted on Saturday - Reuters

The economic sanctions has cost Iran billion of dollars in revenue. The world know that the US and EU combined is the primary consumer of crude oil. This political maneuver done by Obummer and NATO is just another tactics so the oil giant can get their continuous supply of cheap crude


Press Releases: On U.S. Navy Sailors' Departure From Iran

On U.S. Navy Sailors' Departure From Iran Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC January 13, 2016 I'm very pleased that our Sailors have been safely returned to U.S. hands. As a former Sailor myself, I know the importance of naval presence around the world and the critical work being done by our Navy in the Gulf


As Saudi Arabia severs ties with Iran, questions loom in volatile region - CNN

So, the main goal of US and its allies works. The internal war between two largest moslem group in the world is boiling up and soon they will start shooting each other. And while the military industry from developed countries sell weapon to both sides, the zionist is just relaxing on the beach laughing and


PressTV-'No miracle if Iran sanctions lifted'


White House launches its sales pitch for Iran nuclear deal - The Washington Post


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