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Investment: $52b Earmarked to Attract Expats

"Caveat Emptor!" That's what I can say! If Iranian expats, especially the one that live in the US put the money in their home country, they could be labeled as supporting terrorism and their money would be freeze by the government. It happen before and it will happen again under Orange 1.

If I were expat in the US, my suggestion is to be


Does Shiraz wine come from Iran?

To answer that question, it comes from Iran, originally!

The French changed their root stock name to Syrah and reclassified it under the new taxonomy system. But other vineyards and wineries in other part of the world still use their original name which is Shiraz.

Of course politics shouldn't take precedent over history. There is only one


White House puts Iran 'on notice,' won't rule out military force - Politico

WTF! Did he just infer that he might attacked Iran in the near future? What the heck is he thinking?

The one that would rejoice if US attacked Iran is the Saudi. After all, they can stop the Shia for spreading into the other regions so they can push their Wahabism ideology

Iran's newest fighters are sidewalk vendors, 'ready to struggle to our last drop of blood'

This is the life stories that occurs all over the world. Any countries in the world know that economy is build by SMB or people who runs the small market. Traditional market has been in existence even before big corporation who gulping people's money.

But, since government is in ed with big boys, they do not care about how the economy works.

Iran, 6 Powers Make Public Restricted Nuke Deal Documents

As far as there are traces of uranium in those lands, nuclear weapons will always be produced from those regions, in this case sold illegally. Nuclear weapon is the greatest threat to man kind in terms of war or any other attacks. Thank God terrorist doesn't have nuke, the world would have been on fire.
I am very happy for the deal also,


Iran may seek naval bases in Yemen or Syria: chief of staff

Aha ah ah! If this is true, where do you think they will get the military support from? The Chinese and Russian?

Of course in Syria it would be easier since Assad still in power. But in Yemen, where the Houthi do not like either Saudi and Iran, things could get more complicated than it looks or


Trump's plans to scuttle or amend the Iran nuclear deal remain a work in progress - Los Angeles Times

I don't think Trump will scuttle it. In fact, he probably will strengthening it to the point that it will benefit the US military industry.

Who do not want a prolonged war in the middle east? Trump rhetoric against the Moslem is already up on their head. Won't be surprised if he redo the embargo, and this time it would be even more


Iran Hardliners Target Dual Nationals

This is the reason why people shouldn't hold dual citizenship. Let me ask, what the benefit of having dual citizenship if you can't even manage the one that you already have.

Not only Iran, but other countries as well already outlaw dual citizenship. They want to make sure where is your "pledge of allegiance". And in the hardliner country


The U.S. may be the 'Great Satan' in Iran, but some still want to win the U.S. visa lottery

Well, the American dream is still alive in the eyes of the people who live most of their lives from being oppressed. This include Iran. And why not! Even if the relationship and the embargo already thaw, the US still let the Iranian to participate in the Diversity Visa Lottery or Green Card.

Lots of people in the third world countries are


Iranian Cyclist Dies After Crashing During The Rio Paralympics

Very sad for everyone and especially for his family and friends. He crashes while he was driving his bike and after he was taken into hospital, he passed away soon after arrival. He was 48 years old. At least he was doing something he loved.

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