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Trump Says Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal But Remains Dangerous Threat

Dumbo doesn't care. He wants to push the nuclear button as soon as possible. That's why he peck a fight with Crazy Kim on the east and Iran on the middle east. The only thing left is just Maduro in Venezuela, but he doesn't have nuclear since he just a mere bus driver.


Over 700 Expat Iranian Researchers Back Home

Aha ha ha! That was most of developing country did back in the 20th century. Send their brightest students abroad for future development in their home country once they're graduates. Iran makes no difference. Rather than being stamped as a terrorist country by the west and having some psychological issues later on in life, might as well come


Temperature In Iranian City Reaches 129 Degrees - Among The Hottest Ever Recorded

This is more than just hell on earth, it can fry one to death, I wonder how people around these places are copping, I can feel their pains, I hope they are making plan to tackle the issue, although nature can be difficult to negate anyway.

The Expat's Guide to Working in Iran

I don't see this quite often on international publications, but it's interesting.

We all know from the western media that Iran is bad country to work on. But in fact, they are the largest economy in the middle east after Saudi. In fact, with their changing paradigm to be more open toward foreigner in the country and the way they despised the


Iran will continue missile program: President Hassan Rouhani

Now i am beginning to understand what some of these countries that are serious about producing their own weapons, they don't wan to be dependent on other countries when at distress, it is a good thing though, it means they will not have to keep spending billions of dollars buying arms and ammunition for the US and i think this is why the US is

Hassan Rouhani Wins Iran's Presidential Election

This is a good news for the Iranians. Hope he is going to deliver his campaign promises and take Iran to a brighter and higher height. Congratulations to Mr Hassan Rouhani. He should concentrate more on reform rather than sign nuclear power deal is my advice to him.

Politics: The Russian and Iranian ties that the US can't seem to break

And with the dumbo at the helm in Washington, it would be harder to break the Russian and Iranian ties.

When the UN and Obama administration lifted up the sanction against Iran but still imposed sanctions on the Russian, the US business immediately come to Iran to plant foreign investment in the country. But Trump reverse that with the

Economist: Expats' Investment Vital to Spur Economy

Of course, when the UN lifted the sanctions against Iran, many countries in the world would love to invest in this nation. The question is whether the government could become more transparent and more open toward foreign investment is yet unknown.

But picking up from the Chinese philosophy is kinda weird. But make no mistake, in term of

Investment: $52b Earmarked to Attract Expats

"Caveat Emptor!" That's what I can say! If Iranian expats, especially the one that live in the US put the money in their home country, they could be labeled as supporting terrorism and their money would be freeze by the government. It happen before and it will happen again under Orange 1.

If I were expat in the US, my suggestion is to be


Does Shiraz wine come from Iran?

To answer that question, it comes from Iran, originally!

The French changed their root stock name to Syrah and reclassified it under the new taxonomy system. But other vineyards and wineries in other part of the world still use their original name which is Shiraz.

Of course politics shouldn't take precedent over history. There is only one


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