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Conspiracy: US 'Probably Had a Role' in Mosul Deaths, Commander Says

What do you mean "probably had a role"? The target is clearly a civilian mosque. Although there could be a bad guy inside, but Mosque is a holy ground not a strategic military target.

Admitted that the US screwed up or intentionally wants blood. As for the civilian casualties, they are just collateral

Coming to America: One translator's harrowing journey

Perfect example of politician stupidity here! The guy already get his own residency for service with the US military in Iraq and they still giving him a hard time to enter the country.

I think this should be an experience for any locals that helping the US military that invade your country doesn't guarantee you a freedom especially when


Video Thumb Nail

Syria War: Dozens Dead In ISIS Attack On Deir AL-Zour

I felt pity for the families of those that are still staying in these terrorist strong hold town and villages, i expected the government to have evacuated civilians from such places, the Syrian war looks political though.

At least the news said some of the Jihadist terrorists died also but just two civilians died as a result of the rocket


In Renewed Push, Iraqi Forces Enter Mosul From North For The First Time

The Islamic states terrorists are really getting it hot this time around and i hope the soldiers are also planning and making sure that these terrorists go down to the ground. I really commend the work of the Iraqi forces on this one.


Islamic State kills 24 in Baghdad blast, cuts road to Mosul - Yahoo News

That was the intention all along. Mosul is critical since it held the biggest water source for the Iraqi in the area. The Mosul Dam destruction could kill million of people if the IS destroy it.

By cutting the Iraqi army supplies to the Mosul, it would be easier for them to retake the city and hold it like a fortress. And this could be worse


Isis will eventually lose the battle for Mosul - but by then it will look like Aleppo - The Independent

Of course they will lose. But before they've done so much damage to the areas. In fact, the critical factor in Mosul is their dam. And if that dam is destroyed, millions of Iraqi will die.

But the article was right on one thing: The Russian involvement in Syria since 2015 is actually speed up the process where the US and the Arab league


U.S Declines To Veto U.N Security Council Resolution Condemning Israeli Settlement Building

It is not all bout exercising veto powers always, but sometime one have to allow the lower power win in order to let peace reign. The recent security meeting that both the United Nations and the United States attended over the Israeli settlement building, ended smoothly as the United State allowed the United Nations condemn the actions of the


Iraqis Celebrate First Christmas Near Mosul After Islamic State Pushed Out

For the first time since the year 2013, Iraqis Christians were able to celebrate their Christmas evening in their home town close to the northern part of Iraq called Assyria, the Assyrian Christians were filled with joy and at the same time sad because there was no were to worship, all the churches were destroyed by Islamic States.


'Tragedy' inside Mosul as food runs out and the battle against ISIS drags on

It's beginning to look a lot like Aleppo and Mosul could be the second city in the middle east that being besieged by IS.

The critical or strategic infrastructure in Mosul is their dam or hydroelectric power plant. If that thing fall into IS, there would be million would die since they control the water supply to the entire


How All-Female ISIS Morality Police 'Khansaa Brigade' Terrorized Mosul -

So, ISIS has their own female fighter and police brigade to enforce a stricter Islamic law in the captured area too?

These females that has been indoctrinated with more craps even torture their own countrywomen so they are obeying their own morality standard. Something don't


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