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He's childish and too much dehumanized

He lacks empathy and is childish, being able to process somebody just because he didn't win an argument or other dumb stuff. If I could vote for someone it would be him, not Hillary, because at least you know what you are dealing with. With Hillary, if it was possible, she would sell America to the devil to win a couple of bucks, like many

Why is President Donald Trump Really Hated

He is hated because he is a man that hardly yield to defeat when ever he is confronted with any challenges that might want to pull him down.
Although people do say that he speaks so loudly to any one the way he likes and doses not apologize at all.
Other people do say that his laws are too strictly and he does not look back.

Because of the way he speaks to people

Donald comes across as a manner-less person. Like he has no courtesy even when his intentions are pure and genuine he says it it a crass manner. Because of this people do not really like as much. He is a rude person.

He's Not Normal

People don't like Trump because he's so much different than other presidents. Personally, I love him, and I'm glad he won. Many people don't like him, though, because he's a realist. He sees that illegal immigrants are ruining the country. He sees that we are not able to support ourselves while also admitting so many refugees from the Middle


President Donald Trump of the United states of America seems to have grown lots of haters since after he was declared the winner of the 2016 General Elections. His campaign was one of the most controversial campaigns ever witnessed in America and despite all the media attacks he still came out successful during the elections. During the


Netanyahu backs Trump's Mexico wall, touts similar one on Egypt border as 'great idea' - Fox News

And it won't be long before Israel build a wall in the West Bank and Golan Heights too. What else can you do to provoke international community rather than surrounded the Arabs with concrete wall so they can't move so

Israel cuts $6 million in U.N. funding over settlements resolution

I got a better idea! Why don't they leave the UN completely and forget about all of those fraternity? Can they do it? I don't think so!

The reason is that they need the UN to keep recognizing them as a 'de jure' country. And if Israel leave the UN and the UN recognized the Palestine completely, they will face war on both ends of the


Live 90-Year-Old Grenade Found In Israeli Museum Exhibit

It is very possible in such a place that has a history of wars, Israel has been one of the deadliest country in this world to experience war, they are serious born into war, seeing a grenade of 90 year


Israeli Police Question Netanyahu Over Corruption Allegation - New York Times

El Jefe is in trouble again. His hard line comments and action on the Israeli settlement creates more trouble since he was backed by many big boys that have their own agenda.

Well, if they can prove that he's involved in the grand corruption, I wouldn't be surprise that they will split the state into two: Israel and Palestine to get over


Theresa May criticises John Kerry's hardline stance on Israel

Duh! Maybe may should realize that she criticized just the occupation, but what Kerry did was opening a possibilities actually.

As much as the west has ruled the planet for the past centuries and the screw up on the west on middle east, making two states in Israel and Palestine is the best solution.

Isn't the British was the one to give


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