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Italy Kicks Out Tunisian Accused Of Religious Extremism

The Tunisian born was just like some crazy dudes in the street trying o make name by killing people, i don't know why those set of Muslims are just spoiling the name of that religion. I would have suggest they got him locked up in the


Migrants at Italian refugee center start fires, hold staff hostage after woman dies from delay in medical assistance

This would make the situation worse. In fact the way they protest it could be the end of them to get an asylum in the country or EU.

I admit that many of them are trying to get a better life in other country. But creating another problem would prolong their suffering in the new


Pope's year-end message: 'We have condemned our young people' to unemployment

The Holy Father might not play politics, but his message hits the heart of the greedy businessman and politician. Why? Because of their selfishness, they are leaving the younger generation to be out of work and become the responsibility of the already beaten government in term of economy.

Of course, they don't care about it since there is a


Thieves in Italy targeting precious Parmiggiano Reggiano

Aha ha ha! Even cheeses required a special police unit to protect them.

Reggio Emilia is one of the oldest certified region of local delicacies. Similar to Champagne in France, they are the heartbeat of the world Parmeggiano Reggiano supplies for the entire planet. When you buy cheese labeled Parmesan, then you know it comes from this


Eros Ramazzotti - Un'altra te

Beautiful love song, I like Italy music! When you find someone special and your heart fall in love, The only know fro one of rest of the world, because shes everything you ever wanted in your life! she's perfect with all


New women tennis hope for Serbia

Young tennis player Olga, new tennis hope for our country. After Ana Ivanovic she is the most promising. She is daughter of a well know basketball player Predrag Danilovic who played shortly in the NBA but most of his carrier spent in Kinder Italy.
She has good sport genes and she is doing very well at a start of tennis carrier. Bravo Olga!


Italy hurries to form new government as banking crisis looms

Aha ha ha! I got message for Italy. Be like Iceland. When the bank collapse, they let it collapsed and put all of their exec in prison for a long time.

But I don't think Italy could do it since they are one of the founding members of EU. But the people already spoken. They do not want the government or central bank to inject more money to



In the state of economic problems the worlds are facing now, this is unpredictable if Italy will collapse or not. London had already decided to leave European Union, but until now many citizen of London are not in favor of the Prime Minister's decision. So this will be the lesson for Italy, is it coming to be progressive if they exit EU like

Italy Uncertain After Vote; Victory for Far Right as Matteo Renzi Departs - New York Times

I don't think using the word uncertain is appropriate. In fact, we are certain that banks will collapse. Even if the EU was planning to guarantee people's money in the bank, they can't trust the bank easily because they learned from Greece who suddenly freeze up people


A dream come true - Journey to Italy

When you have a dream, no matter how and when this dream will come true. It is enough to really wish for. Last November 2015, I fulfilled my dream and went to Rome, Italy. This picture is the most beautiful fountain of all time Fountain. Beautiful crystal blue waters of the statutes and of course throwing coins for the next few viable cabbage


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