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South Korea offers to talk with North on easing border tensions, resuming family reunions

It's kinda interesting to know that the Korean actually wants peace but the US wants war? And the Chinese is kept their mouth quiet due to business reason.

One thing for sure. There were never a declaration of surrender from both sides, because of political reason. Yes! The north were backed by the Chinese and the south were backed by the


President Trump delivers tough trade talk during South Korea summit

This is how Dumbo foreign policy are working right now. He threatened every country that has a trade surplus with the US to make it even or go negative, so the US can profit from it. Heck, does he think that he's a god or some sorts.

Even if the US export more to Korea, it doesn't mean the people will buy US product since lots of them are


Korea and the fourth industrial revolution: In the education technology business, success is elusive

You know that every time there is a new technology come out, the Korean will jump into it in the first place.

I remember when 3G came out in 1991 and South Korea were the first country that implemented it even before US. This fast implementation made Samsung and DSK become a giant conglomerates pretty quick. Similarly with 4G, where the US


50% of expats positive about their lives in Seoul: survey

That's because over half of them were Chinese. And westerner are seen as someone who liberated South Korea from communism over 60 years ago anyway.

Try to do a survey among the South Asian, Middle Eastern and African. I bet you get a different


INTERVIEW 'Don't let racial discrimination continue in Korea'

You think it's easy to solve only by regulations alone. Heck, not only the middle eastern or south Asians faces discrimination. Even the Japanese faced it in Korea. The reason is that the old wound from WW2 are never healed even to the current generations.

But the owner of the club already apologize and perhaps he should fire that sorry ass


Politics: North Korea Fires More Missiles as Seoul Puts Off US Defense System

Looks like Moon is smarter than his predecessor who became US minion throughout their career and at the end, they are ended up in prison.

Moon knows that the South Korean should be able to decide their own fate. But having a US Defense System who can threat the unification of Korea and already anger China makes him think twice since now, he


South Korea reiterates diplomacy-based approach to DPRK nuke issue

Dialogue is the best approach to fight a war. Diplomacy based approach should be the only solution to the North Korea missiles program. The South Korea should dialogue with their North Korea brother to restore peace and order between them and the International community.

Korean president's dashing bodyguard sends netizens swooning

If you are good looking, whatever you do or your job is, you will become newsworthy. That's how media works now. In social media, handsome or beautiful becomes viral, and the latest one is the bodyguard of the Korean president. Then the media will make you newsworthy. How about those who are beautiful in the inside? I think they are more

Politics: Bye-bye Blue House as South Korean leader shuns imperial home

Moon will try to be like Jokowi in Indonesia where he opens the presidential palace for the people to complain about the government. And this won't be difficult since he lives outside the Blue House anyway.

Of course security wise, if the people like him, it could give a boost to the democrats in

Moon wins South Korea election by landslide

Moon, of the Democratic Party, had 41.4 percent support, according to the joint survey by three television stations. Conservative Hong Joon-Pyo was far behind on 23.3 percent, with centrist Ahn Cheol-Soo third on 21.8. This is tremendous for him. Congratulation to Moon on his landslide victory. He is the people's

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