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Military: China warns US bomber during East China Sea flyover

I'm telling you man! Trump and the rest of his cronies really wants to peck a fight with the Chinese and not only North Korea.

C'mon! If the US doesn't recognize the Chinese ADIZ, then the anyone on the planet can encroach US airspace. They could also say that they do not recognize it. Now, who has the ball to do


Korea: Mobile carriers fined for wooing expats with illegal benefits

Duh! Another corruption and illegals solicitation on expats. No wonder, even with the cost of living are very high (Korea considers as the #3 in the world for expats), expats can get a cheaper rate compared to locals.

One by one, every damn big boys and their cronies government public employee being nailed. I think the prosecutor should

Rice wine

In so many countries today many of it uses rice wine as an alternative medicine of some sorts. In the Philippines, we use rice wine rarely we prefer coconut wines to drink in every occasions. Unlike, in Korea they prefer the rice wine because their major crop is rice. Due to their cold weather rice wines are much preferable to their climate


Korean ice cream Fish

I am very fascinated about Korea's culture not just the way they are as an individual but also how they portrait their products as well. Very creative and smart in fashion senses. One of their creation that makes me say "wow" is the ice cream laughs! From fish pancakes to well done fish ice creams.


Sweet bread eggs

If you ask me, I want to try all Korean street foods in the Philippines. Not just tastes it but also make profit out of it too. Filipinos like experiencing new things, we like adventures and travels and experience good food on the go. This sweet bread egg that I wanna look forward to when I come to visit Korea. Not just it looks good it also


Cup Chicken Exquisite

Korean Cup chickens are like fried chicken skins in the Philippines very crispy but not as good as this one. This is crisp chicken tossed in a spicy sweet sauce and mixed with fried rice cake and tater tots. This blows all of the fried chicken franchises out of the water. My favorite place is in Hongdae where you can get this with a beer soju


Tornado Potatoes

Were already familiar of this fried potatoes in the Philippines we call it String potatoes or ring fried potatoes. In Korea though, this is a whole potato that is cut using a special slicer to make a fry that makes it look like a giant spiral. This has become a pretty popular item on the street and the potato can be coated in salt, cheese, and


Savory Pancakes yummy

This is something that is new to the street food scene, but they have been doing very well. It's hot, griddle pancake that is topped with a sauce, a hotdog and then more toppings. Some variations include: pizza, double cheese, sweet potato, and more. I will surely try this tomorrow. I am gonna try it and eat it all the


Korean Tokkebi french fries hotdog wow

This is Tokkebi hotdogs accoding to Koreans this is a kind of street food that are demon pranksters in Korean Folklore that carry around magical spiked clubs that they can use to cast spells on unassuming people. They can also use the clubs to beat on the ground and conjure up food and drinks and gold. This is a hotdog that is double battered


War: Tillerson delivers stark warning to North Korea of possible military response

That was I said last week. The US will fire first to the north to create an international incident and then attack them. Perhaps we all learn from history that the US averaging one major war every 20 years or so. They need war to boost the economy especially the military industry.

Killing other people seems to be their

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