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Life is just a phase of existence

Everything that pertains to earth have their end. Same goes with life.
There are many conspiracies about the existence of life here on earth.
Some theories had it that we are just a mere creation of natural events assured by evolution.
Others have it that we live here on earth for a

Technically, we come out of vagina

Or even out of penis, but I see where you're coming from, ha.

There are a few signs that life is some sort of highly complex illusion you may fully grasp only when the big D taps you on the shoulder. The goal then may be to enjoy it as a game and have a nice long laugh after

We are created to live in communion with God

A man is created with the purpose and capacity to live in communion with God. In our life, something will always be missing, until we come to this purpose of fellowship.
If there is no communion with God, then there is a gap in us.
In our humanist society, people seek for many purposes, thinking they will find a final fulfillment there.

There Are So Many Meanings Of Life

When it comes to the issues and meaning of life, people use to define it base on their current situations or their mood at a particular time, if i am to define life, i will say life is good, but some people may say life is wicked while some may say life is not fair, some may say life is funny, when it comes to the definition of what life is, it

Life is the physical being of a person

life has different meaning to different people.
Some people do believe that after this life, there is no more existence for man.
While so believe that after life, there is still a place of eternity for human to leave.
The rich believe that this life is a place of enjoyment, while the poor believe that this place is a place of

what is the meaning of life

Like seriously , what is the meaning where does we come from, and where do we go?


Fossa is kind of a cat, and it is an endemic species from Madagascar. Fossa is the largest carnivore that attack mammals in Madagascar and for their appetite can be measured with a small cougar. It has claws that can be drawn, if necessary, and flexible joints that allow it to climb trees. Just pop that can jump and from tree to



this looks really amazing. I've never heard of this type. It looks like a small stuffed toy. It is beautiful. I could play with him. As a small monkey. Why not make toys in his appearance? That would be very nice and interesting. Children would love it.


This is cute and adorable. I can't imagined this cute creature exists. It looks like a stuff toys. I hope I can see this creature in real life. I hope also that they can preserve this monkey. What a real cute creation of

I'm not

It's really a small beauty.

Very interesting character.

My granddaughter would be thrilled.

For the new year I made my grandchildren Snowman.

Everything is removed from it and I had it all over again.

Since it was something I had glued to sew something to


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