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The 5 best countries for affordable health care

Interesting that I found Malaysia is number 1 here. I guess, people try to stay away from Singapore high cost of living although the health care is way better than Malaysia IMO.

Anyway, even Colombia, one of the happiest country in the world based on the living quality has a better health care system than the US or Canada. Heck, what else


Bangladeshi expats urge govt to help illegal migrants caught in crackdown

The only thing that the government concern is just remittance. That's a huge income in many third world country.

Similar like in Indonesia, there are only a handful agency that is legal to provide blue collar workers in other country. As a result, technically, those who doesn't undergo screening are considered illegals in some sorts. But, it


More Conglomerates Choosing Malaysia over Singapore

Because there is no more space in Singapore unless they're continue with reclamation of the island. On the other hand, the issue with Singapore is that expats can only rent or purchase a flat which is cost 5x more expensive than Malaysia.

For the time being, Malaysia might be interesting for oil and mining industries. But the concentration


Young boy dies of heatstroke after falling asleep in school van

This is a sad news. The boy is too young. I am not sure what to think about the driver because he didn't expect it, but I feel really bad for the boy. Hopefully, it will serve as a lesson to all drivers, whether in a job or a

Order to provide refuge for domestic violence victims

This can really help the victims. Oftentimes, they experience trauma and domestic violence victims needs such assistance. I hope it would be available in the Philippines too. There are lots of people who are victims either women or children. They also need some

Politics: Malaysia releases Kim Jong Nam's body, citizens in North Korea return

What a bunch of craps! I bet you that the North gave the Malaysian government a buttload of money. You know the drill, there is no free lunch among politician.

Of course the Malaysian already know what kind of deal that their own government made with the north. After all, isn't the PM is under the investigation for

Nigerian Girl caught stealing in a Malaysian Mall

When I hear or see stories of ladies involving in shoplifting and stealing in shops what comes to my mind is are they that useless that they can't work to afford what ever they need, she's a total disgrace to Nigeria, her family and


Thousand-hand Bodhisattva Dance

Do you ever watch this it's a great dance? I watched footage on YouTube and bass I was delighted! How much patience you need to learn this dance? These coordinated players are really amazing. I have never before seen anything like that. Really show all the glory and splendor of his talent and the national


Nigerian Man dies in plane while travelling back to Malaysia

The death of this young man with a wide and kid is tearing the Internet, how could he just died in a moving plane, something isn't right, the family should request for an autopsy to determine the cause of his death, cause to me his death has some hand in


Malaysia says cause of death still unknown in killing of North korean

Recently some few day ago the half brother of North Korean leader was killed in Malaysia by unknown gun men.
And now the Malaysia government as for today sent a word to the North Korean leader that the death of his half brother in their country is till unknown to them.
But I hope this will not cause a big disagreement between the two

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