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Malaysia: National Security Council Act Comes into Force

(Aug. 4, 2016) On August 1, 2016, the National Security Council Act 2016 came into force in Malaysia. ( National Security Council Act 2016 (Act 776) (NSC Act), e-Federal Gazette website (official portal); National Security Act 2016 Appointment of Date of Coming into Operation ,


Singapore: Cross-Border Car Sharing Restricted

(June 22, 2016) On June 20, 2016, Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced that paid car-sharing services are not permitted to take fares across the border into neighboring Malaysia. That border crossing is considered the busiest in the world, with up to 400,000 people using it each


In Asia, Obama takes softer tone on human rights, corruption - Washington Post

Funny, using such double standard on corruption, Obama encourage leader of 10 members of Southeast Asian Countries to declare war on corruption, while the US is collecting their corrupt money for the last 50 years. Take a look at Philippines Marcos, Indonesia Soeharto, Malaysia Mahatir, and so on. The list is as long as the FBI terror


At summit, Obama to defend slow-and-steady strategy on Islamic State - Christian Science Monitor

US is not reliable anymore in term of curbing terrorist activity. Their intention is to sell weapon and make money even in the war zone. What most of moslem countries do outside of middle east is to practice tolerance and respect among each other. Take a look at France where Hollande said that despite the attack, France is still committed to


ASEAN defense chiefs cancel joint statement over South China Sea row - Reuters

Typical BS meeting. All 10 members of Southeast Asian Nation already had an agreement as part of the ASEAN constitution that we all respect maritime law and obey navigation on our sea, air and land. These meeting was attended by Australia, New Zealand, US, China, Japan, Russia and South Korea. Of course they will not sign it. How they signed if


Why Banking System Affects the Environment

Environmentalists are concerned with economic growth because it has always correlated directly with increased consumption of resources and pollution generation. A clear example can be provided by the graph below which looks at CO2 output over time against growth. Whilst this led to much higher standards of living in the first 100 years since

Myths and Reality about being a manager

If you aren't a manager, maybe you will hear about the following myths all the time and think they are right. Unfortunately, that includes some managers. The important of being an employer or a leader pretty much lies in your self-recognition, so be careful with these misconceptions and illusions in your career path.

Myth #1: Manager makes


What to do when you're sick of your job?

"People continue to do the jobs they do not like because they do not know what to do to change it", an HR consultant said. They do not take the time to determine what makes them more interesting or suits to their ability.

If you feel hate your job, try the following:

1. Revalue yourself.

Ask yourself: Why I hate my current job? This is

Should you tell lie at work? When? How?

Nothing stings like truth. Maybe your company always sends you the message that for an employee, truth and honesty are everything. However, they are just telling lie.

While probity is entirely suitable for some situations, in others telling an unvarnished truth only harm your career indeed. You might think this is just nothing except sophism

Professional Renovation Service for House, Office and Commercial Units

1stop Renovation Malaysia provides professional service for your home and office renovation.

Our renovation proposal will be created based on your budget and requirements. We will advise you the right renovation jobs and the essentials base on your budget.

We know how important is to deliver on time. Whether you own a shop or commercial


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