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Dutch elections: Wilders' far-right party beaten, early results show - CNN

No hope for the far-right winger in Netherlands. That meatballs white supremacist Wilders is now gone. But his 20% vote sounds alarming to the future of the country.

The fact that the racist group has been defeated, it should provide a n example to the French in April and the German in


Politics: Turkey rallies row: Germany and Netherlands harden stance

My takes is simple. If you live in another country, you respect the law of that country. Besides, this rally got nothing to do with Netherlands, Germany or Austrian politics, so why Erdogan complained about it?

If Turks wants to leave the EEZ, then go ahead and leave. Rallying in foreign soil is similar to encroaching someone else

Unilever Remains Cool to Kraft Heinz Takeover Bid Despite Rally - Bloomberg

If the deal passes, means that Warren Buffet will own the second largest food and household items processing company in the world. And if Unilever being taken by Kraft, then one of the last bastion of the old Dutch company will go to the US.

IMO, I think Unilever should stand on their feet. If they are being taken, one of the biggest pride

Nah, I don't think so

I do not want to travel to Mars, I love our country and remain here. I have no desire to leave the planet Earth, that I was born here and I'm staying. On Earth, my people, my family my friends here is my everything, perhaps only in my dreams while I sleep. A journey does not think, because here on our planet we have everything we need for life,

Yes I want to travel

I can not wait to be able to travel outside the Earth. I do not think we are alone in the universe and who knows maybe on Mars I find someone like us. I do not believe that there live a little green but I would still like to personally check. We live in a time when everything is possible, so why do not you and to travel to Mars or any

in dreams

With Earth can go only in dreams. I'm here and I'm staying. There is no force that would have forced me to leave this planet itself and go on to some of Mars, and the like. Personally, I believe the more conspiracy theories and that the men were beyond Earth. I really like this our third stone from the sun.

why pirates wore earrings?

why pirates wore earrings?
One of the celebrated pirate bandana and a sword next to it and earrings in the ear.
Few know why earring . Because sailors did not know where go and were will stay . Dutch sailors were reminded to wear gold earrings . Its paid to their funerals and all staff . In some villages on Zealand in the Netherlands


Free Cash in Finland. Must Be Jobless.

They have tried this in Netherlands and it going slowly. In fact it makes people become lazier every day since they get free money from the government.

But in Finland, there is this law that you can't choose or discriminate people based on their qualification. Thus making the distribution of money is equal regardless of their


Children's characters may disappear from unhealthy food in Netherlands

So, they follow the UK due to the massive advertising that the food industry caused to change people perception about food, especially children.

Hey, I got nothing against it. But isn't it better that parents start educating their children to live healthy by cooking their own meal at


Dutch lower house approves limited ban on burqas, niqabs

You know, when you're in other country, you were expected to obey that country law no matter what your believe is. In fact that this law passed shouldn't be translated into a failure of democracy.

Admitted that you have your own beliefs, but pushing the religious issue toward a national issue like this shows that how fragile human tolerance


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