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Tens of thousands of Central American children are fleeing their homes - except in Nicaragua

Interesting isn't it. Well, after the fall of Noriega in Panama and the Sandinista contra in the central America, Nicaragua has enjoyed a more stable politics compares to their neighbors.

Admitted that Ortega is probably heading toward a totalitarianism regime since he's been their president for so long, but in term of economic and safety

Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega Picks Wife as Running Mate!

On the way to the promised land to become a full blown dictator!

The former Sandinista soldier who rise to become the country president now is on the way to become a dictator. Interestingly, back in the 80's the Sandinista was supported by the US and caused what we call "The Iran Contra" involving Reagan, the Iranian government and of


Everything You Didn't Know About the Making of (Cuban) Cigars in Esteli, Nicaragua

While both men and women work in cigar factories, there are clearly delineated roles for each. Read here to learn all about the producing of Cuban cigars in a small, mountain town of


Weighing expat retirement vs. staying put

This is a great article, so my surprise. The points is raises are good ones too.

  • The cost of living is less
He doesn't try to say you can "live like a king on pennies a day" like a lot of the "retire overseas" hype claims.
  • They're less stressed than before
This is probably the key to everything else and a


Less likely destinations offer best financial boost for expats

Anything that starts with a reference to International Living gets a big ignore from me. Check out the personal blogs of people expressing their own

Southern Nicaragua communities protest Ortega's canal plans

Make a interoceanic canal across Nicaragua, using the wáter of the Nicaragua lake had been an idea very ancient. And that idea could be useful for to solution the fiscal déficit of goverment in this Little country Middleamerican. The problemas how always, that not have present the comunities that are living in this places during many

Farmers protest planned $50 billion canal in Nicaragua

I disagree with the Nicaragua Farmers protesting. I feel that the canal would be great for the people in Nicaragua and that it would provide the country with some more revenue and better agriculture. Although the cost is expensive, it would most likely pay for itself in a few years time.

long term rentals

I am looking for a 6 month rental in Granada Nicaragua, within 300 to 600 dollars USD monthly rate. 2 adults one child.would like to be able to walk to all amenities. also near a bilingual school would be

richardshortell Profile

retired, making plans, nicaragua looks tantalizing, first i'll check it out and then make a

looking and wondering

retired, making plans, nicaragua looks tantalizing, first i'll check it out and then make a
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