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If I have the means, I will allow my child to study in any university

If I have the mean, of course, I will let my child choose which university he/she wants to study. I should consider the costs. I will talk to him/her and explain if financial status is not favorable. Kids should also know the way they live. If he/she is willing to take a scholarship examination in the university they want to study, I will

People have to follow their interests.

I hope my daughters get into engineering or some sciences but I would allow them to make the choice on their own. It is much harder to learn something when you aren't interested in it. An interest would make studying and learning it much easier. Plus you have to allow your children to make their own choices when they are old enough. It is a

Gov. Ortom signs anti-open grazing, kidnapping bills into law

That is a nice step taken by the state government. The anti-grazing law would put to an end to incessant clashes between herdsmen and farmers in Benue state and will also boost the level of security. There should also be a serious punishment for any one that will violate the law.

Ekiti governor sets up panel to probe Fayemi

This is just a waste of funds, resources and time. There are more pressing matters at hand he should have concentrated on. Even if they find any thing against him, they can never indict him. Why wasting their time? Or can this be more than just a probe? What do you think?

Student expelled for sleeping with teacher's husband

So many strange and weird things happening today. A senior school 2 student sleeping with her teacher's husband. Why will she do that? The children of these days have lost the morals of life. Anyway I also blame the man for taking the advantage of her. He should have encouraged her. She deserve the punishment. Hope she learn from it.

I'll resign if I don't end fuel importation by 2019,' Minister

This will be his greatest achievement as a minister of petroleum if Nigeria would be self sufficient in refining petroleum products. Am so pleased with his courage and self confidence. Refining petroleum products here in Nigeria will reduce the price of fuel and also create employment. It will be a welcome development.

Obasanjo Calls For Help On Humanitarian Crisis In North-East

Let him do his part and leave the rest, people and organizations around the world have been contributing to help the IDPs in Borno for some time now, if i am not mistaken, this should be the first time that he visited the state for the past 4 years, are to render the highest help to the situation there is him, as a former president of this

Shocking! Mercy Aigbe's husband shows off new lover (Photo)

It shows that Lanre still loves Mercy but he have to try and control his anger, i will suggest he goes for anger management class for sometime, love can be crazy any way, some people are so emotional, that is why some of these celebrity marriages don't last long at all, there are sop many things that triggers jealousy in celebrity


I used Condom - Shameless Ogun state Lecturer insists he is not the father of student baby

This is very bad of the lecturer, he has succeeded in setting the girl into confusion, he has even tarnished the girl's career, as it been DNA test is not too expensive to afford, i would have prefer the girl to go and do the test because that would have been the best way to prove the lecturer


Benefits of Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) To Nigerians

The Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) will be of great benefits to Nigerians. That bill would not only help to create more jobs for Nigerians but will also foster a conducive business environment for petroleum operations when signed into law. The bill will also mandate the petroleum companies to train Nigerians abroad. You read for more benefits

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