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US 'might' expand laptop ban to all flights

It is good that they take all these measures, it will help to combat all these terrorists attack on flights, the rate at which terrorism is growing all over the world needs an immediate action to counter it or else, terrorists will make it easy to be bombing most of these countries that have restricted Islamist migration into their

I Don't Like Cowboy Movies

When it comes to movies, i am very selective of the kind of movie, i like seasonal movies, most of them are best sellers, i also like adventure movies, cowboy movies are outdated, i see them as the old fashion of movies, although i use to watch it when i was very young, but as i begin to grow up, i disliked

Favorite movies of my childhood were cowboy films

Cowboy movies I loved by my grandfather. He loved them to watch and when they are broadcast even at midnight, he would stay awake to just because of the movie. My favorite actor of cowboy films was John Wayne who has always won against the Indians. On the other hand I really like to watch the movie Winnetou, also a cowboy movie but in this film

I still love to watch them

I still love to watch them.
I like to watch Clint Eastwood the famous "Italian Spaghetti". I noticed that my kids enjoy when I watch the movie. My favorite is "Good, Bad and the Ugly" and whenever I have a chance, I watch the movie over and over

Yes, I love cowboy movies

I love many cowboy movies, especially the ones that have good storyline.
Watching movies for the sake of actions do me no good.

Cowboy movies by prominent actors is usually my preferred choice.

I like sci-fi movie more than the

Do you still like cowboy movies?

Cowboy movies were ultra modern in the time when I was little. I also adored to watch with my father. I grew up with cowboys and imagined that I'll one day go to the USA and become a cowboy on a ranch. Today, the more no one is watching ... And just when I remember how I loved John Wayne, Charles Bronson, Yule Brynner, Clint Eastwood, and that


Can you find the words in this picture

The link does testbifnone is truly a genius. The picture is very educative. It will show if you are a brilliant person. The use of your brain can go a long way. Try it out and see if you can get


This film won my heart forever. Although recorded long ago, the theme is eternal and always current. Love and death are two inevitable things in our lives. A film that makes me cry every time I watch it. He is full of emotions, from the beautiful to the saddest and in a brilliant starring two great actors. How to find back his lost love when


Walmart faces 174 charges related to sale of fire-contaminated food

Stop buying food from Waly's! As much as I like Waly World, this is one reason why I rarely purchased groceries over there.

I normally go to the traditional farm market in my town. Over there, you can find fresh veggies and fruit that is not adulterated with

Gang-ravaged Mexico stuck in weed ban as U.S. opens up

Interesting isn't it! While the US legalize pot, the Mexican start tightening their grip on it.

What they need if to tighten their grip on corruption and gratification that being done by the law enforcement officials, local politicians and their cronies since they receive kickback on the sales of the


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