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Jobs in the Northern Marian Islands

Are there jobs for expats or English speakers who want to locate to the Marianas and live there for a year or two?

My husband is a retired VP and has good leadership skills, and can solve problems quickly, if there are jobs for someone like him, I think we might visit and take a look around.

If you have other job needs, why not list them

Northern Mariana Islands: Governor Brings Suit in U.S. Court over Immigration Issue

(Dec. 17, 2008) Sections 105 and 503 of the Covenant to Establish a Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands [CNMI] in Political Union with the United States reserve the right to establish immigration laws for CNMI to the U.S.

Im at Hyatt Hotel,Saipan

Here me at Hyatt hotel, Saipan refreshing & relaxing my mind. As you can see there's plenty big fishes in the pond, & you can be fond of giving them some fish foods.


new business registration

Does anyone know what is required for a non citizen to establish a corporation on Sapian or

Island Retirement

Anyone know of any good places to retire to on some tropical island preferably with a low cost of living? In the Pacific close to Thialand would be fantastic wouldn't
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